My Holiday Tech Wish List


This year is a bit different for my family. We’re going to Disneyland for Christmas which I think I’m more excited about than the kids.

But this means that we won’t be celebrating Christmas like we usually do, so I’m not buying a lot of gifts this year. And really, we’re going to the happiest (and probably the most expensive) place on earth for a family of 4 – what more do you need?! :)

That said there are always family members to buy presents for. Below is my holiday tech wishlist:

1. Holiday Pop Up Shop by Kibooco 

It’s an online website where you and/or your child can design t-shirts, cards or the front cover of a journal for the holidays. It’s a beta version right now but still worth your time. Amazing activity for kids!! (

2. Gift cards from iTunes or Google Play.

Load up a gift card and then assist your son or daughter in finding educational apps or games that they will enjoy. Bonus – You can talk with your kids about the app and determine why it’s a good purchase or a not so good purchase.

3. Tablets.

Doesn’t matter what kind – iPad, Surface or whatever, tablets are hot this season with tablet sales expected to double this Christmas. While I don’t need one, it’s on my list because it’s a great device for families. It all depends on what you do with it. When my kids and I watch shark YouTube videos together on our tablet I consider it quality time. We have had many conversations around the videos that we watched and it often leads to more learning. It’s a positive family experience for everyone.

4. Skylander Giants.

We’re taking the plunge this year and Santa is bringing our family the XBox, primarily for Skylander Giants. Skylander Giants is one of the hottest games this year. It’s actually a good game with puzzles, logic and even better your character doesn’t die. Plus my son has been playing it at a friend’s house so he’s already into it. (Ah, yes..I succumbed to peer pressure!)

5. LEGO Lord of the Rings (LOTR)

For XBox, PS3 and PC. It’s too old for my kids at 10+ but it looks cool. And it’s from LEGO so you know it’s going to a solid product.

You might have noticed that my tech list isn’t strong on educational items. For me, the holidays are about family, spending time together and having fun. The more and more I watch my children grow up the more I realize (maybe belatedly) that learning doesn’t end in the classroom or after a tumbling class. You constantly have to teach your kids soft skills such as sharing and caring. And for me, the holidays are the perfect opportunity.

What’s on your holiday tech list this Christmas? Tweet me @weebootMom.




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