Seasonal Baby Names


When you’re choosing baby names, consider your baby’s potential birth season or your favorite season for inspiration. Spring, summer, winter and fall all have special celebrations and seasonal highlights that may provide the perfect name for your new baby — and some seasonal names can work for both boys and girls.

Spring Names

Spring is full of potential names for your baby. March, April and May — the months that make up the season — are all possible names. Spring’s celebrated blossoms — Lily, Daffodil, Tulip, Daisy, Lilac or Violet — make sweet names for girls. If you’re having a boy, consider nature-inspired names that reflect the season such as Lief or River. Spring’s holidays also lend themselves to baby names: You might name a child born on March 17 Patrick or Patricia in honor of St. Patrick, or choose a more playful name like Shamrock or Clover to celebrate the holiday. Pascal and Esther commemorate the more serious holidays of Easter and Passover that occur in the spring. Spring itself is a charming and unusual girl’s name, but if you want to be more creative you can choose words that mean “spring” in other languages such as Alvern, Haruki or Vasant for a boy, and Kelda, Tami or Rabiah for a girl.


Summer is an obvious choice for a girl born during the summer months, but there are plenty of other options for summer-inspired baby’s names. Consider names inspired by the months of summer: June, Juno, July, Julia or Augusta for girls and Junot, Junius, Julius, Augustus or August for boys. If your child is born on Independence Day, you might consider names that honor that holiday, such as Liberty or Peace, or names that honor the founding fathers like Franklin, Madison or Hancock. Summer weather inspires names like Sunshine, Sunny and Storm, or you can get inspired by your favorite summer vacation destination and name your summer baby Paris, Orlando or Indiana.


The beauty of the season or its bounty can inspire autumn names. Consider names borrowed from the vivid leaves like Saffron, Amber, Scarlet and Sienna for girls, or Auburn, Browning, Rusty or Ash for boys. Names like Hunter, Farmer, Hawk or Harvest celebrate the rituals of fall, while names like Apple, Sage and Chard celebrate the season’s foods. Autumn’s months — September, October and November — can make good names for boys or girls, and Autumn itself is a popular girl’s name. Since Thanksgiving is fall’s biggest holiday, consider choosing a name that means “thankful,” like Shakira or Hamid, or a name like Grace or Benedict that indicates blessing.

Winter Names

Winter names are often inspired by the weather or special winter holidays. Frost, Snowden, Crystal and Neva all evoke the chill and snow of winter, while Douglas, Fir, Holly, Hollis and Juniper recall the season’s stalwart evergreens. Names like Yule, Claus, Joy, Merry and Star celebrate the Yuletide season. If your baby is born on Christmas day, you might consider names that resonate with that holiday, such as Noel or Noelle, Christian or Christina, Natalie or Nicholas. December, January, February and Winter are possible names, too.



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