The Four Seasons Of Motherhood


Season 1 (aka The Rookie Season)~ You just had your first child and everything is blissfully beautiful. Although you’re only a couple weeks into this new season of life, you can’t possibly imagine what life would be like without your new bundle of pure cuteness, and you can’t fathom the idea of your heart holding […]

Tips For Managing a Large Family


Swim practice, basketball practice, soccer, choir oh my! With six active children there is rarely a dull moment in my house. I can’t even begin to imagine what our lives will look like when they are all participating in some sort of extracurricular activity. You know, if I had a dollar for every time I […]

My Kids Are Those Kids…Lessons From The Hood


Birthdays around here happen quite often, what, with six kids and all. Half the year is taken up with buying for birthdays, planning for birthdays, cooking for birthdays, cleaning up for birthdays, cleaning up after birthdays, and crashing after birthdays! My kids start making their ‘what I want for my birthday’ list the day after […]

10 Things I Want My Middle Schooler To Know


Middle school today, gone tomorrow, if only our sons and daughters could understand this statement. My son is in middle school and our lives have changed. Long gone are the days of color pages and birthday invitations. Just as surely as the seasons change, so do the hormones and the moods in our home now. […]

Summer Road Trip Essentials


This post is in partnership with Neosporin. Oh the places we will go… this summer on the road. Summertime means long days, hot summer nights, cookouts, swimming pools and road trips. Of course, for people with kids, summer road trips look a little different than those of our youth. Music for the mood and hair […]