Things Moms of Boys Hear Again (and Again)
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Things Moms of Boys Hear Again (and Again)

For a long time my husband and I didn’t think we would ever experience the joys of having a daughter. In fact, if it had not been for divine intervention and adoption, we wouldn’t have. Naturally, when we decided to try for #4 we were secretly…or, well maybe not so secretly, hoping for a girl. So when we found out our 4th baby was a boy we were a little bummed, but only for a minute or two!

You see number 4 was supposed to be our last attempt at adding a bouncing baby girl into our family of primarily boys. Honestly, in our hearts we knew it would be a boy. It was actually a little bit of a relief to see that little turtle on the ultrasound screen. There is something comfortable about familiarity, and boy were we ever familiar with “It’s a BOY!”

Little did we know, with help from the man upstairs, that within 15 short months we would be holding our beautiful baby girl, but not to be outdone, 10 1/2 months later we would be welcoming our 5th baby boy! Even though I now have a daughter, I still feel like I’m apart of the BMC (Boy Mom Club). I understand the code, as all boy moms do. It is a code that is written in pee on toilet seats across the world. It is a code of blood, sweat, dirt, bugs, sticks, dandelions, cars, legos, guns, odd smells and sometimes tears. It is a code that is not to be forgotten, shaken, or doubted. It is a code that we wouldn’t change for anything and one that helps us to be stronger, walk taller, and yell louder! It is the code of the BMC, a code only mom’s of boys know how to handle!

For all of the members of the BMC, I have compiled a list of things that we have all heard time and time again…

1. Are you going to keep going until you finally get your girl?

2. They are definitely ALL BOY, huh?! (translation: Your kids are brats, you need to take control.)

3. I could shop all day for a girl but they just don’t have anything for boys.
(okay, sorry…I have actually said this before!)

4. If your husband would stop wearing whitey tighties, you would have a girl.
(Wait, what?! And exactly how do you know what kind of undies my hubby wears?)

5. You know, odds are it’s going to be another boy.

6. I figured you would have ran out of boy names by now.

7. Be glad you don’t have a daughter, boys are so much cheaper.
(Clearly, this person doesn’t have a clue!)

8. Boys have so much less drama.
(Again, no clue…sometimes I feel like I have ALL girls!)

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