How to Find Out Your Pregnancy Due Date


Ready or not, he’s coming. The normal date of your period came and went with no sign of starting. You peed on the stick; all the positive lines appeared. While your mind is racing with questions and concerns, you’re probably wondering about your due date. Although you can never fully predict when he will decide to squirm his way out, you can calculate your approximate due date.

Step 1

Determine the first day of your last period. If you can’t remember, ask your partner. He might remember a certain mood change. Otherwise, check your receipts for a spike in chocolate purchases.

Step 2

Count ahead 40 weeks. The 280th day, or the 40th week, after the first day of your period will be your due date.

Step 3

Count back three months and seven days from the first day of your period to double-check your results.



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