Combining Baby Names


One of the highlights of being an expectant parent is choosing a name for your child. Many parents want a name that is as special as their child. After all, no one wants their child to be just one of several children in the same classroom with the same name. If you really want something distinctive, try combining two different names to make one new name.

Girl Names

The most famous combined baby name for a girl might be “Renesmee,” which was the name of the daughter of Bella and Edward in the best-selling “Twilight” book series. The name was a combination of the couple’s grandmothers, Renee and Esme. Or, you could try combining classic names for a new version of traditional favorites. “Sara” and “Laura,” for example, could become “Salaura.” “Abigail” and “Chloe” combined could be “Abiloe.”

Boy Names

Boy names can be combined when tradition necessitates the passing on of a name from both sides of the family. “Joshua” and “Hosiah,” for example, becomes “Joziah.” “Trenton” and “Brandon” becomes “Brenton.” Or, choose the names from your father and your spouse’s father. “William” and “Ethan” can combine to make “Willan,” and “Christopher” plus “Matthew” could make the distinctive name “Maristo.”

Unisex Names

You don’t have to create combined baby names from two girl names or two boy names. You can honor both parents, for example, by creating a name from your father and mother’s names. “Claudia” and “Robert” can become “Rodia,” and “Lance” and “Aimey” can become “Laimey.” “Martin” added to “Bernice” might become Bertin,” and “Thomas” plus “Heather” can be “Heamas.”



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