Eyeshadow Application for Women Over 60


Makeup application, particularly eye makeup, needs to change with age. As you get older, the skin around your eyes becomes thinner and drier, and may wrinkle. Eye makeup can easily settle into fine lines or look overly harsh on aging skin. New techniques and products can allow you to look your best, creating a rested and refreshed appearance.


Taking care of the skin around your eyes and prepping your lids for eyeshadow can improve the staying power and appearance of your eyeshadow. Use a moisturizing eye cream to avoid dryness. Before applying eyeshadow, tap concealer onto your eyelids or use an eye shadow primer. A yellow-toned primer or concealer may work better to eliminate dark shadows, according to Beauty-and-the-Bath.com.


While you may think that the usual eyeshadows, liner and mascara are all you need, magnification can make all the difference as your eyes weaken with age. Use a magnifying makeup mirror or a pair of narrow, rimless magnifying glasses to make it easier to apply eyeliner and eyeshadow accurately. Apply your makeup, looking up to check your appearance as you apply eyeshadow, liner and other cosmetics.

Colors and Textures

Soft, natural colors may be the most flattering as you age, and cream formulations may be less apt to settle into fine lines. Try shades of taupe, beige or champagne for every day. Experiment with shadows with a slight sheen or shimmer to open up the eye, but avoid harsh or glittery options. Replace black eyeliner with a softer chocolate color in a cake or soft pencil formulation, rather than liquid.


After priming your lids, line your upper eyelid with brown liner. Work the liner into the base of the lashes, thicker at the outer corner and somewhat thinner at the inner corner. Brush or smooth a light- to medium-tone eyeshadow from lashline to browbone, then a slightly darker shade in the crease for an easy, modern application. Finish with mascara on the upper lashes, but not the lower.


Poorly applied or outdated makeup may have the effect of aging you. Avoid black eyeliner or eyeliner in the under-eye area. Dark-color liner or shadows, particularly in the inner corner of the eye, may make your eyes look smaller or cause you to look fatigued. Bright or bold colors can be too harsh for a fading complexion and may look like you’re out of touch with modern trends and styles.



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