Love Gifts for Valentine’s Day


Husbands and boyfriends are tasked with picking the perfect gifts for their ladies, from jewelry to vacations, to express their love on Valentine’s Day. Return the favor, by coming up with a romantic love gift for your sweetheart. You don’t have to break the bank to make him happy; many love gifts are budget-friendly and memorable.

Heart-Shaped Cake

On Valentine’s Day, surprise your spouse with a heart-shaped cake, created by you and the kids. Bake his favorite flavor cake and top it with a tasty frosting. Let the kids help you decorate the cake with a special message such as, ‘We love you,? ?Happy V-Day Day? or ?We heart dad.? After a family dinner, present your husband with his heart-shaped cake.

Thoughtful Love Poem or Letter

Show your husband how much you love and appreciate him by writing him a heartfelt poem to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This budget-friendly love gift is ideal whether you’re newlyweds or have been married for years. Craft a handwritten poem, written on love-themed stationary. Spray the poem or letter with your perfume, place it in an envelope and put it somewhere in the house he frequents. It’ll come as a welcomed surprise.

Sweetheart Crossword Puzzle

If your husband loves to solve puzzles, consider creating a crossword puzzle with clues on you that he would know. Include clues about your date nights, the first time you kissed, your wedding night and songs you both enjoy. “Real Simple Magazine” suggests using ?Puzzlemaker” on the Discovery Education website.

Love Book

Scrapbooking is a way to preserve and share memories with your spouse. Create a scrapbook that includes photographs, old cards you purchased for each other, mementos from dates and even pictures of the kids and family. Use the scrapbook to show how your relationship has progressed through the years. Use red, white and pink embellishments to fit a Valentine’s Day theme.

Surprise Lunch in the Park

Plan a romantic picnic for you and your spouse at a local park. Pack a lunch filled with his favorite foods and snacks, a blanket, music player and a bottle of wine. Spend the afternoon talking and sharing memories, while you enjoy your picnic lunch. Take pictures of your special day together and create an online slide show or photo album so you can share the memories forever.


Invite your spouse to indulge in a couple’s massage experience. If he’s a hardworking man, splitting his time between the family and his job, a massage is an ideal gift to help him relax. Make arrangements with the spa so that you can get served lunch before or after your massages. Best of all, couple’s massages are a gift you can both enjoy.



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