Easy Wood Crafts for Kids

Wood is a versatile, inexpensive crafting element. You can decorate it with any number of accessories and decorations. You can build things with many pieces of wood or attach pieces to one another. Give the kids a few simple pieces of wood and a few craft supplies to use with them and their imaginations will run wild.


Craft and hobby stores have a variety of boxes in different sizes. You can buy bottles of acrylic paint and a set of brushes also at the craft store. Let kids pick out their boxes or buy a selection and hand them out at a party or class. Lay newspaper down on a flat surface, and give each child a box. Give each child a paper plate and squirt out some paint colors that the child chooses. Let him decorate his box with paint. This is a great project for kids of all ages. Kids can make treasure boxes, jewelry boxes or memory boxes.


Wooden frames make a great activity for children who want to make a gift for others. Find wooden frames at craft stores or discount stores. Take the glass out so kids don’t cut themselves on the edges. Let them paint the frames in the same way as the boxes. Older children can create mosaics on the frame edges with buttons, marbles or round glass chips, made for mosaics. This works well with small groups of kids so you can better monitor. Help kids use a hot glue gun to adhere the accessories of their choice. Once the frames have dried, you can replace the glass, and add a picture.


Tongue depressors or wooden ice cream treat sticks are available at craft and hobby stores. You can use these little sticks to make a cast full of puppets. Give kids a handful of sticks. Spread a variety of accessories around the table. Accessories might include yarn, buttons, fabric scraps, paper scraps, googly eyes, pompoms, ribbons or tissue paper. Let kids decorate the wooden sticks with markers. Kids can draw faces and glue on clothes, hair and other accessories. Twist on pipe cleaners for hands and feet.


Craft and hobby stores often have a section of wood cut-outs. These flat wood shapes come in a variety of themes, from holidays to animals. Purchase a selection and drill a small hole in the top of each. Hand them out to the kids and let them paint, draw and glue accessories all over them. Loop a ribbon through the hole and use them as ornaments.



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