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Interior Decorating for a Girl’s Room

Decorating a girl’s bedroom can be a great bonding activity for you and your child. As children grow older, they like to be able to put personal touches on things, particularly their bedrooms. Don’t choose an interior design that you and only you like. Ask your daughter for input before doing anything to her room. Keep in mind that not all girls enjoy fairy princesses and pink. Yours may want her room to reflect her interests in sports, music or anything else.

Step 1

Choose a color scheme. Before you can paint or add any decorative touches, you need to know what colors things will be. Choose a light color, such as pale yellow, mint green or light pink for the walls and darker, coordinating accent colors, such as hunter green, smoke or brown.

Step 2

Hang matching artwork on two walls. You can give your child the flexibility to hang posters that she likes using sticky tack or tape, or you can make things a bit more formal by framing prints and placing those on the wall.

Step 3

Hang curtains in the windows. Have your girl select a set of curtains that she likes and hang those in the window. If you like everything to match, coordinate the curtains with the bedsheets and comforter.

Step 4

Spruce up the bed with throw pillows and stuffed animals of her choice. Most young girls enjoy comfortable beds layered with pillows and stuffed animals. Try not to go overboard when adding pillows to the bed. A good rule of thumb is to have two sleeping pillows, two shams, two throws and a stuffed animal or two. You don’t want to completely cover up the bedding.

Step 5

Use coordinating furniture. A girl’s room should have a bed, a nightstand, dresser and perhaps a small desk and bookcase. Try to use furniture that matches. If getting a new set of furniture is not in your budget, paint or stain the furniture so that it fits into the color scheme of the room and looks like it is meant to go together.

Step 6

Dedicate a small table or top shelf of a bookcase to displaying your daughter’s trinkets and treasures, such as any medals or trophies she may receive or any special figurines.

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