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How to Plan a Baby’s Room

If you are ready to get your mind off the morning sickness and back pain or the waiting for the adoption to be finalized, start planning your baby’s nursery. Get all the furniture and decorations ready for the new arrival before he is ready. Place everything you need in the nursery, but don’t overwhelm it with too many items. There will be plenty of toys, furniture, equipment and accessories that will arrive over the coming months. Leave some room for them.

Step 1

Paint the walls a light, neutral color. You don’t have to choose pastels or pink and blue. Choose a calming, neutral color such as tan, beige, yellow or green.

Step 2

Purchase furniture for the baby. You will need a crib for the baby, a dresser for her clothes and accessories, a changing table and a rocking chair. You might also want a bookcase and a small table.

Step 3

Set up the crib first. Place it against the most inward wall, where airflow and temperature fluctuation will be kept to a minimum. Keep it away from shelving, hanging cords, outlets and other potential dangers.

Step 4

Set up the dresser and changing table next since they will take up the most room. Then place the bookshelf, rocking chair and side table near one another.

Step 5

Fill the frames with little clothes, pictures of your favorite nursery rhymes, pictures of you and your partner, ultrasound pictures or any other item of your choice. Place these around the walls to finish the look of the room.

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