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Hanging Crafts for Kids

Make a craft with children that they can proudly put on display, either by hanging it from the wall or hanging it in a window. You do not have to be an expert on crafting to make most projects, and most are suitable even for young children. As always, supervise kids when they are handling scissors or other sharp objects. You may need to be the one who cuts things if your child has difficulty or is too young to handle scissors properly.

Family Picture Mobile

All you need to make a family mobile are photographs of family members, some yarn and an old wire hanger. Help your child cut the photographs into fun shapes, such as hearts, flowers or triangles. Punch a small hole in the top of each and thread the yarn through the hole. Tie each piece of yarn to the bottom of the mobile, adjusting the length of each piece so that the photos do not all hang at the same height. You may want to arrange the pictures so that the youngest members of the family are on the bottom, the parents in the middle and the grandparents on top. Hang the mobile on the wall or from a hook in the ceiling.

Simple Shapes Ornaments

Cut pieces of card stock in a variety of simple geometric shapes, such as ovals, diamonds or triangles. Punch a hole in the top of each shape and thread a short piece of ribbon through, knotting the ribbon to form a loop. Give the shapes to your child, along with some crayons or markers. Have him draw designs or pictures on the shapes. Hang the finished ornaments from the leaves of an indoor houseplant, on the wall or from a window. You can also decorate the ornaments for the holidays and hang from a Christmas tree.

Wind Chimes

Older children may enjoy making wind chimes that sway in the breeze. Have them tie weather-resistant string, such as fishing line, to a collection of small jingle bells. Tie the other end of the string to the bottom of a wire hanger or a 12-inch length of bamboo. Arrange the bells so that they all fall to the same height. Attach another length of string to each end of the bamboo, if you’ve opted for that. Hang the wind chime on the porch or in your backyard.

Swirly Spiral

Turn a plain piece of poster board into a spiral, simply by cutting out a circle. Help your child draw a 12-inch or larger circle on a piece of poster board. Cut out the circle and have him decorate both sides of it with markers or crayons. Draw a spiral on the circle, starting at the outside edge and working your way toward the center. Cut the spiral out along the lines. Punch a small hole in the top and loop a piece of yarn through. Hang from the ceiling. The spiral should sway and spin gently.

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