Hints for Cleaning Walls

Many modern moms struggle with cleaning stains left by rough-and-tumble tots off of their walls. Because of the potentially fragile nature of wall paint, these surfaces cannot be scrubbed as vigorously as some, making cleaning more difficult. To ensure that you are successful in your quest to get your walls clean, keep some wall cleaning tips in mind when you tackle projects of this type.

Pick Cleaning-Friendly Paints

If picking out new paints to cover the walls in your kid-filled household, consider selecting paint that is designed to be durable. Some paints are specifically intended to stand up to repeat cleaning, making them ideal for placement in homes with children. Select a washable paint of this type for your tot’s room, as these walls are most likely to be subjected to serious cleaning, or safeguard your entire home by picking one of these paints for every wall.

Protect Your Arms

Prevent your clothing from becoming wet while you tackle your wall cleaning project by crafting simple arm protectors. To make these protectors, wrap hand towels around your wrists and secure them with rubber bands. As water washes down your hands and attempts to venture down your arms, these protectors will catch and absorb it.

Pick a Mild Cleaner

Select a non-abrasive, mild cleaner for your walls such as dish or hand soap. These cleaners may not remove dirt as effectively as harsher chemicals, but they will also not damage your paint or potentially fragile drywall, making them safe for use in this situation.

Clean with Non-Abrasive Cloths

While an abrasive cleaning tool would certainly remove the dirt that is marring your wall, it would also scrub away your paint. Instead, select a washcloth or other non-abrasive rag for the completion of your wall-cleaning task.

Use the Two-Buckets Technique

To clean your walls with the two-bucket technique, fill one bucket with water containing your mild detergent of choice and another with plain water. Dip a washcloth first into the soapy water and rub your wall surface. Place another washcloth into your plain water, and use this cloth to wipe away your soapy liquid and clean off your wall.



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