Pregnancy After Ortho Evra


Among the various forms of birth control to prevent pregnancy, Ortho Evra is a temporary form of birth control that uses time-release hormones embedded in a sticky plastic patch on a woman’s skin. As a method of temporary birth control, us ing Ortho Evra is reliable and does not restrict your ability to conceive in the future.


Ortho Evra works to prevent pregnancy through transdermal drug delivery by gradually releasing the hormones ethinyl estradiol and norelgestromin into your bloodstream. Worn on your skin, each medicinal patch delivers a slow and steady dose of hormones that is absorbed into your bloodstream, suppressing ovulation and thickening your cervical mucus. Each patch lasts one week. The course of treatment requires you to use the patches for three consecutive weeks and then let your period return on the fourth week before beginning a new series of patches.


Conception occurs when sperm fertilize a fertile egg. Although Ortho Evra reduces your chances of pregnancy, warns that about one in every 100 women get pregnant each year while using this method of birth control.


Because Ortho Evra is a temporary form of birth control, it doesn’t affect your future chances of getting pregnant. The American Pregnancy Association advises that ovulation usually resumes within three menstrual cycles after you discontinue using the patch. However, pregnancy is possible at any time after you stop wearing the patch, so use an alternate form of birth control if you are not ready to get pregnant. If you do want to become pregnant after taking Ortho Evra, contact your doctor immediately to begin a prenatal program of prenatal vitamins and regular checkups.


As with other forms of birth control, the Ortho Evra patch may not work equally well for all women. The American Academy of Family Physicians advises that the patch may be less effective in women who weigh more than 198 pounds. Carefully follow the instructions for using this patch, applying each patch on the same day every week for three weeks.

Precautions recommends you use a backup method of contraception if you are late applying your patch. Use a backup method for a week after applying your last patch to help guard against conception during this time. Since there is a small chance that pregnancy may occur while you are using Ortho Evra, stop using the patches and contact your doctor if you miss two periods or if you experience other signs of early pregnancy.



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