Nose Hair Removal for Women


Unwanted hair can be a pain, but at least you know your options when it’s in a regular spot like your legs or your underarms. Nose hairs are among those rogue hairs that can freak you out if you don’t know what to do with them. Fortunately, nose hair removal isn’t complicated.


Everyone has nose hairs, but they’re only a problem when other people can see them. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell when your nose hairs are visible to other people. It may seem silly, but the best way to gauge whether your nose hairs need a trim is to get up close and personal with your mirror and make the faces you normally do when you smile, laugh or smell something yucky. If your nose hair stays hidden when you’re doing this, you probably don’t need a trim.


Nose hairs aren’t a health hazard. In fact, they’re essential — your nose uses them to filter dust, germs and airborne debris when you breathe. The problem is purely an aesthetic one. Many people don’t like the way long or unruly nose hairs look.


The simplest way to deal with nose hairs is to trim them. You can buy a special clipper designed for nose hairs, but cuticle scissors also work well. Be sure to sterilize whatever clipper you’re using with rubbing alcohol before and after use. You’ll have to trim nose hairs regularly to maintain results. If you want longer-lasting results, consider waxing or electrolysis.

Expert Insight

If you’re considering a nose wax but can’t find a salon that offers the service, ask your technician at your next brow or bikini wax. It’s common for nose hair waxes to be an off-menu option, so you just have to ask. Make sure you have a technician who knows what she’s doing. She should use a wax that stays pliable as it hardens to reduce pain and not spread the wax too far up your nostrils, which can make you prone to sniffles until your nose hair grows back.


Plucking your nose hairs may seem like a good solution if you have just one or two unruly ones, but resist the urge. Plucking nose hairs can cause an infection since your nasal cavity is exactly the kind of warm, dark place where bacteria likes to lurk. Stick with trimming or waxing just inside your nostrils instead.



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