Look Instantly Younger: Groom Your Eyebrows
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Look Instantly Younger: Groom Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of my most favorite topics. I most definitely had my own bad experiences with some bad brow jobs…too thin, too much hair left in the wrong areas, too much off the front and too much off the end. Sound familiar?

I have been taking care of brows now for 17+ years. Let’s say I’ve seen all kinds. Without a doubt a well-done brow can make a wonderful positive change on the face. I have witnessed some of my clients looking 5-10 years younger after an eyebrow session. It will give the illusion that the eyes have been lifted, adding a balance to the face and more of an open eye appearance.

I remember being told, if a woman is thinking about getting her eyes done surgically, she should go and see a brow specialist first and will most likely not need the surgery at all.

So, to start the brow rolling. Vaseline is my one word for over tweezed brows. Yes, Vaseline. It REALLY works. At night before bedtime apply a nice amount all along the brows. Push it in with you fingertip, Especially on the beginning of the brows and the ends. You can use Vaseline on the brows consistently, even when they are the perfect arch. Joan Crawford used Vaseline on hers and well, we all know how nice hers were.

If you feel your brows are way too thin or the ends are non existent, then hide your tweezers for a while. Grow them out and treat yourself to a brow shaping.

Taking care of your own brows at home? Always think minimalistic. Take the obvious hairs that linger below the natural arch of the brow. Make sure you are not taking too much from the beginning or ends (try not to go to far past the bridge of your nose) and avoid plucking brows in a rounded shape. Try to keep brows on the thicker side, rather than too thin.

To keep brows looking neat and tidy, brush them in shape with a clear brow gel or a clear mascara. If you don’t have either, a little spritz of hairspray on a recycled old toothbrush will work too! Always brush brows up to show off their natural shape.

Some of the instant positive results that you will receive by getting a well-done brow are:

– Looking younger, brighter and feeling more confident.
– Taking the tired out of the face.
– Looking more happy and less angry. Yes, a brow that is not done right, can make you look angry, even if you are not.

Visiting a brow specialist will also help you determine if your brows need to be lighter or darker, to help maximize your look. To all the ModernMoms in Los Angeles, I am always availabe for you to get your best brow on. And, for all the ModernMoms outside of Los Angeles, look up a reputable Brow Specialist in your city to help you get your brow on, too! Run to your next brow appointment and enjoy some instant gratification!  

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