Angela Kinsey: Reese’s, Beauty, and her Lifetime “Office” Friends
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Angela Kinsey: Reese’s, Beauty, and her Lifetime “Office” Friends

Angela Kinsey may star as a straight-laced, tight faced accountant on NBC’s hit show "The Office", but in real life, this funny girl is an absolute peach! ModernMom was able to catch up with the dedicated actress and mom as she dished on some of her favorite beauty tricks, mommy tips, and "Office" gossip…enjoy!

ModernMom: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Angela Kinsey: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (in the fridge so they are cold!)

MM: If you could use only one kind of make-up in the morning (mascara, blush, etc.), what would it be?

AK: A tinted moisturizer and a little lip gloss–that’s really all I do when I am not working.

MM: How do you pamper yourself?

AK: I love to on long walks in my neighborhood. I know it sounds simple, but between work and a 2-year-old, taking a leisurely stroll is so relaxing. I love to do it with a friend and we can gab the whole way. Oh, and of course a massage every now and again is awesome!

MM: What is your best beauty trick?

AK: I have said it before, but when you have a big zit (the kind that feels like it has its own heart beat) get an aspirin and put a little water on it and make it into a paste. Put that paste on the zit for a few hours. The anti-inflammatory in the aspirin helps take the swelling down and helps the zit not get so enormous!

MM: We are all busy Moms. What’s the best way to keep our beauty routines quick and easy?

AK: As busy moms, the last thing we need is a complicated beauty routine. I say to keep the process simple and effortless by using products that are made to make your life easier. I use an Oil of Olay face cleanser and Cetaphil lotion at night. Both are available at Target or wherever you go for diapers! And that’s also why I’m in love with Clairol Nice ‘n Easy! I want things that are accessible and easy for me to work into my schedule.

MM: What is something most people do not know about you?

AK: I love to bake cookies. I love the way the house smells afterwards. My mom was always baking something so it feels like home to me. This Christmas my Mom bought me a vintage cookie jar she found at an antique store. It is a black and white striped cat! I have started baking cookies and putting them in the cookie jar. My daughter loves it. And I am instantly taken back to my childhood and to the warmth I felt spending time in the kitchen with my Mother.

MM: What’s the first word that pops into your head when I say "mom"?

AK: Happiness.

MM: What is the best part of working on "The Office"?

AK: The friendships I have made that will be with me for my lifetime.

MM: How do you balance "The Office" and being a mom? Is "The Office" kid-friendly?

AK: "The Office" is extremely kid friendly. I am SO thankful for that. My daughter came to the set with me from the very beginning. (By the way, she thinks I work in a trailer. Lol.) But being a working parent is ALWAYS a struggle. The minute you walk out the door and know you are going to be gone all day, a wave of guilt and sadness comes over you. But I am incredibly lucky that as a supporting character I do not work every day and I am able to see her throughout my work week. I feel very fortunate for that.

MM: Which of your "Office" cast-mates is the best with your daughter?

AK: Oh man! Come on! There is no way I can single out one of them. They’re all awesome and have developed their own different relationships with her. I have countless stories of their kindness and warmth to her.

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