New Year’s Resolutions For Mom

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I am not the biggest fan of New Year’s resolutions. Honestly, I am not sure I have ever made a New Year’s resolution that I have honored, but this year, I have decided to reflect honestly on the things I can do to be a better person and a better mom. Be more patient. As […]

My New Year’s Anti-Resolutions


With the start of the New Year also brings that special time of year when people make obligatory resolutions to become better. But most resolutions don’t last, and they aren’t that useful as self-improvement tools if you’re just going to break them. So let’s not make resolutions, let’s just do it.Apologies to Nike, because it seems like they had the right idea all along. Here are a few way to change your life for the better this year: Focus on You

Two Key Messages for a Good Start to 2015

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I usually write about parenting because I spend a lot of time doing it. With six crazy kids, parenting is a full-time job. But, like most busy moms there are other things going on in my life and I try to keep positive in those areas as well. My perspective is the only thing I […]

The “Perfect” New Year’s Resolution


Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. – Ralph Waldo EmersonIt’s a brand new year, but I’m not thinking about bold new changes in my life – like going on a great new health kick, or starting those singing or ballet lessons I’ve always wanted. Nope. Im thinking about the simple things a mother yearns for as we realize weve become second, and …

Brooke Burke: Happy New Year!


Christmas came and went, not soon enough if Im speaking the truth. I hate the over-indulgence of the holiday – too many presents, too much food and waaaaay too much to do. Days spent wrapping gifts that quickly become room clutter for the kids, only too soon to become the toy thats at the bottom of the pile.Next year, Im starting a homemade gift giving tradition so everyone in my family, including …

New Year, New You!


I’m so excited about continuing our six week summer program with the brand new 30 Day Slim Down – inspired by my last two fitness DVD titles. We killed it this summer with our sexy six week slim down – and theres no better time than the New Year to go big, get intense and start your journey to achieving all your health goals!

New Year’s Eve Party Theme Ideas


On New Year’s Eve, most of us gather together with friends and family to celebrate the ending of one year and the start of another. While there are certain traditions that can be found at almost every party – champagne toasts and the televised countdown to the ball drop in Times Square -you can set your shindig apart from the rest by adopting a creative party theme. Here are few theme ideas that we love: