Why Married Women Flirt


When single, you likely engaged in flirting as a way to introduce yourself to men and entice them to take a romantic interest in you. Based upon this logic, it would seem that, upon marrying, your flirting would stop. While for some, a ring on the finger does prevent them from engaging in playful flirtation, for many women, flirting while married is commonplace. Even though flirting while married may seem odd–or perhaps even wrong–a number of biological and emotional reasons explain why some married women fail to give up the flirt.

6 Month Anniversary Gifts for Men


It may not be quite as impressive as the golden anniversary, but the 6-month mark is something to be proud of. Whether you are celebrating 6 months with your fabulous boyfriend or the first 6 months of a blissful marriage, you may want to do something for your man to let him know how special he is. Picking out gifts for men can be tough, but the suggestions below can help.

A Letter To Toya Graham


Dear Toya Graham, Thank you. Thank you for taking responsibility as a mother, and loving your son enough to drag him away from the chaos that was erupting on the streets of Baltimore. Thank you for being honest in your parenting and making a scene, that in my opinion, was worth the time on air […]

The Gift of Life


It has been five years since I received my beautiful gift of life. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined, that I would have met so many incredible moms on my journey of giving back and building a non-profit, Ava’s Heart. It fills my heart to share with you the stories of two very […]

Sex Enhancement Tips


Good sex is extremely important for all couples. Though your libido may ebb and flow over the years, you should aim to make sex a priority, because the physical intimacy can make you feel mentally and emotionally closer as well. Most people have to work at having a good sexual relationship, so don’t feel badly if your sex life isn’t exactly what you want.

Getting in the Mood After Kids

tired mom and baby

You wake up at 5am to a baby crying, but your husband rolls over and continues snoring. With a freshly diapered baby on one hip and a cup of tea in the other hand, you start breakfast, wake up the other kids, get everyone ready for school, get yourself ready for work, and all before six thirty. Your husband strolls into the kitchen looking fresh around seven, gives you a peck on the cheek, and heads off for work. You drop the kids off at school and daycare and spend the next eight hours getting nagged for something a co-worker did. You pick up the kids and head home

Fun Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life


All couples will eventually get into a rut with their sex lives. It may be because of changing situations – like a new baby or a promotion that requires more hours spent at work – or you could just be bored. Whether you like it or not, sex is an important part of your relationship, and you need to work on ways that you can make it better. Talk to your partner about the different ways you can spice up your sex life and check out a few fun and sexy ideas below: