Slow Down Your Workouts!


The following is a guest post from Amanda Freeman, CEO of SLT

Given everything moms have to tackle on a daily basis, the reigning philosophy tends to be to tick through your ‘to-do’ list as fast as possible.  Under twenty minutes at Whole Foods?!  Impressive.  In and out of the doctor’s office in under 45 minutes?!  Amazing! 

However, taking that same approach when it comes to fitness isn’t always the most effective way to burn calories.  While it doesn’t seem intuitive, sometimes the slower you work out – the better.

The right combination of weight /resistance, controlled movement plus a slow pace for an extended period of time can be the most efficient workout for time-strapped moms like you.  Slow and controlled movements force your muscles to stay contracted throughout the entire range of motion which builds strength quickly.  The slow movements plus the constant tension allow you to use more muscle fibers, thus, get more out of your workout.  Working with slow movements is an effective way to wear down muscles, especially when one movement is repeated for at least one minute.

Who has time for a one hour workout, when a thirty minute slow workout can be sufficient to activate your maximum calorie burning all day long?

Bonus:  Slow movements reduce risk of injury.  Who has time for an injury?  Not you.

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