Why is Victoria’s Secret Targeting Tweens?


So Victoria Secret released a new line that appears to be targeted at young teens.

I don’t think I’m the only parent who has run from the mall screaming, “Why, why can’t there be something stylish AND age-appropriate for my 12-year-old?” 

It seems once our daughters outgrow the adorable children’s stores, we are confronted with a shift in marketing, and a plethora of clothing and undergarments that sexualize young girls.

The PINK line is said to be targeted at older girls, but there are many outraged parents who believe marketers have a younger crowd in mind. Imagine purchasing a pair of lacy thongs for your 14-year-old with slogans like “too hot” and “I dare you” across the front.  Gross, right? 

I think if Daddy-o found a pair of those while he was folding the laundry, he’d have a heart attack and die. Full stop.

Here’s the thing; he would never find them. Let’s not forget the power of the consumer. If no one buys this crap, then they have to stop selling it. Parents have to remember they drive purchasing decisions, and ultimately decide where to spend their dollars.

Markets respond to needs – send the message this is not a need. Heck, fancy undergarments are not even a need for this grown up girl. I’ve spent the better half of the last decade wearing nursing bras and plain underwear so I wouldn’t be upset if my water broke in them. As mamas, we should send the bigger message that we’ll stop buying their grown up stuff until they start showing some respect for our daughters.

As a business owner, I am acutely aware of the power of the customer/consumer community. It is a power that businesses need to protect.   Tell businesses where the buck stops. As a parent, I work really hard to raise sensible children who don’t want this stuff. 

Don’t underestimate your power to make the best choice both as a purchaser and, more importantly, as a parent.



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