Invest in the Future With Crowd-Funded Student Loans


What can you buy with $25? A shirt at the mall? Sushi dinner for one? How about an education for students from third-world nations?

Vittana is a groundbreaking not-for-profit organization that makes loans for higher and vocational education for students in third-world countries through a first-of-its-kind online microfinance discipline and a global awareness initiative. In short, it inspires investments in impoverished students through an online social connection, which means anyone can be a lender.

In fact, lenders (a.k.a. you and me) have the ability to make social connections with students around the globe and watch their progress through graduation. Plus, you’ll have the chance to make a small difference in changing the current system – helping global youth to break the poverty cycle.

Having already raised over 1.5 million dollars in micro-loans for students in over 12 countries including Peru, Jordan, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Mongolia, Bolivia, and Vietnam to date, Vittana is working to solve the education challenges of third world countries. Their viable and sustainable global platform helps students empower themselves through education and fosters personal growth.

In the future, Vittana’s goal is to give one million students a higher education by 2015 through its “Tech for the Greater Good” approach.

“By inspiring others to invest in students, we will be able to catapult impoverished nations out of codependence and into a thriving, interwoven co-existence…The most effective way to break the poverty cycle is through the empowerment of education. An educated mind can never be taken away,”says Vittana founder, Kushal Chakrabarti.

Did you know…

  • More than three billion people live below the poverty line on less than $3 per day and cannot afford an education


  • 100 million young people around the world can’t afford the additional education and training they need to build a better life for themselves and their families.
  • Vittana loan repayments: 99%; US student loan repayments: 46%


  • Vittana has helped students living below the poverty line as much as triple their income through education


  • Once educated with a degree or vocational skill, a person’s income has the potential to increase up to 180%, lifting them out of poverty and into an entirely new income bracket.


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