New App For New Moms: Sara Chana’s Breastfeeding For Boobs


The following is a guest review by Adina Abergal

I was so excited when I heard about Sara Chana’s app, Breastfeeding For Boobs, that I immediately downloaded it and
spent the next few hours learning, laughing and exploring this incredible resource.
Breastfeeding For Boobs is like having a breastfeeding encyclopedia that fits into the palm of your hand  – it educates, inspires and empowers new moms. 
The app has over a hundred original 3 minute videos that
teach in an easy and fun way, as well as hundreds of articles covering topics including adding solids, colds and flus, breast infections, twins, triplets and more. It looks like Sara has answered every question a new or seasoned mom might have. There are also lots of pictures that help users recognize and identify a problem so they can use the search feature to find explicit advice on how to find a solution. And for moms who need a little stress release, the videos in the humor section made me laugh out loud. 
Personally, my favorite part of the app is the section on alternative medicine for breastfeeding moms. Sara Chana is not only an international board certified lactation consultant but she is also a doula, a registered herbalist and classical homeopath who is knowledgeable about herbs, essential oils, and homeopathic
remedies.  As a nursing mother, I wanted
to use alternative medicine but many practitioners are not comfortable giving
advice to breastfeeding moms – so I find myself checking Breastfeeding For Boobs almost daily.
To help you understand why I’m such a fan of the app, here is a little bit of background on how I met Sara Chana
I was so happy to have had
a natural birth and was thrilled when my gorgeous baby girl latched onto my
breast and began suckling.  I never
assumed I would have breastfeeding problems. 
Isn’t it the natural thing to
breastfeed? Isn’t just intuitive for women?  Why were my nipples hurting and why was my
baby was not settled? 
I began to dread
the thought of breastfeeding my baby and lay in bed crying.  Lost and distraught, I called a friend who
begged me to have a visit with her lactation consultant.
At first I was hesitant and a little defensive, certain I already knew everything I needed to know. But when I
entered Sara Chana’s office, she quickly put me at ease and gently took me through the basics of breastfeeding. In about an hour and a half, she guided me on how to breast-feed “pain-free” and answered all the questions that were flowing through my mind. 
Now thanks to her app, moms everywhere can benefit from her expertise and sage advice!
Breastfeeding For Boobs is available now through iTunes and Google PlayVisit Sara Chana’s website to learn more about breastfeeding.



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