The Power of Mamas Pulling Together


Over the last two years, I have seen a lot of young women battle illness – yep, that usual suspect, cancer, hard at work.

As I see them struggle with their young families, businesses and work obligations, it always leaves me wondering – how would I cope? Or more to the point – how would my family cope?

We have a very supportive family but I reflect on what happens when I go away for two-day business trips. The amount of organization around a brief absence is nothing short of astronomical – list upon list involving a dozen people to cover for me. What would happen if I was out of commission for more than a couple of days?

I recently experienced something in my neighborhood community that has brought me some peace of mind. Michelle, a neighborhood mom is going through treatment for cancer. Another mom posted her situation on our neighborhood moms’ Facebook group and the response was immediate.

It included the establishment of a meal roster, offers to take the children, pitch in for them to attend camp, pick up the laundry to wash, fold and return, pay for a cleaner to go to their house – really, the generosity went on and on. 

Many of the offers came from people who had never met Michelle. One mother who just had her second baby managed to drop off some meals – this, at a time when she would likely have appreciated a few meals dropped off to her own family.

When I asked Michelle what impact this has had, this was her response: “I have been so moved over these last couple of weeks – it is something I will never forgot. There have been times where I have been curled up in a ball crying in pain, then the door bell would ring and a stranger would show up at my door wanting to help me. The ladies have done so much more then offer food, they have given me strength and love. I shall be forever grateful.”

The lesson learned, or perhaps made clearer: when a mama needs help, the other mamas step up.

My mother always said to us that good neighbors are golden. I am happy and proud to have good neighbors. How about you? Has your community rallied around someone to provide support? What impact did that have?



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