Moon Sign Astrology – August 2011

Sea shells, pearls, all gifts of the sea symbolize the oceanic emotional nature of the sign of Cancer, which is ruled by the moon. 

The moon is one of the most important planets in astrology. It’s placement in the birth chart speaks to our maternal element: it tells us about our feeling nature, our relationship to our mothers, the home environment; and most significantly, it is thought to represent the soul housed in the human body. Using the moon as an indicator for life events can also be a much more accurate astrological tool than sun sign astrology since it moves very quickly and is more specific to the individual.

The moon, as do all the other planets, runs in 30 degrees, so it is just as important to know your moon’s degree as it is to know what sign it is in. To find your moon sign and its degree, enter your birth time and date here. Then, come back to find out what’s in store for you!


Should your moon be placed early in Aries you are probably undergoing some rather difficult moments with the Uranus square Pluto grid close to those degrees. This will lift in several months, not to return in our lifetime.  On the other hand there is some lightness earlier in August due to the conflux of mutual fire energy Leo planets harmonizing with your moon. Be glad for these small things.

Mid sign Aries Moons, 10 to 20 degrees, will feel the pressure from Saturn, making crucial life decisions about relationships, family and love all consuming, things need to be resolved out here, it’s not an easy passage. Only in mid August, 8-20, are there lighter moments with the Leonine addition of Venus, Sun and Mercury, providing your beleaguered moon with a brief respite.

Later Arian moons enjoyed the June 15th eclipse energy for the most part, and the August 13th Full moon sends some short lived excitement your way. Take it and celebrate.


How fortunate for those with moons early in the sign, of the bull, romance, sweet moments are at hand, or to quote the bard,  “gather ye rosebuds while ye may.”  This is your time, enjoy every minute.

Mid sign Taurus moons will have their day but not quite in the fullness of the preceding degrees, the last few days will add more strings to their romantic violin.

Late sign, 20-29 degree Taurus moons, may have felt impeded  and struggling to make themselves understood, The full moon of the 13th should bring some drama, but heck, at least you can explain!


Early in the sign Gemini moons, will find the 8th difficult, your time isn’t yet here and the eclipses in the following year indicate some serious shifts in your emotional sphere. The angle from Uranus will only add excitement.

Mid sign Gemini moon babies, the  9-13 degree group, a beautiful segment of the sign, has an aspect from Saturn, when it’s good it’s very very good and emotionally stabilizing.

Later degrees, 20-29, have endured the crossing of the south node dragging  its dragon’s tail over your heart and emotions, It’s been rough, there’s no way around it, and slow to improve, but it will.


Early in the sign Cancer moons are finding  certain people and emotions very hard to deal with now, and if they feel like they have been hammered on all sides, well they have. These degrees of the moon are sitting  right in the middle of a nasty square.  The help is coming from  2 travelers in Pisces, although being asked to delve into dark hidden emotional spaces, is hard, but well, rewarding.

Mid sign Cancer moon, especially 9-13 degrees, are well, REALLY having to keep the life jackets  and helmets on, August won’t be your favorite month. .Thank heaven the antagonists are leaving your sign in a few weeks, We’ll have a  farewell party.

20-29 degrees Cancer moons had their share of trauma a year ago and more, The last run of Uranus in Pisces brought some romantic fun, but what a price to pay.. Happier days are ahead.


Leo moons can feel proud again, the sun, your ruler, is shining on you, don’t pay attention to the slight curveball from Jupiter, feelings of grandiosity are normal,  there is light is your heart.

Mid sign Leo moon will find most of August a happier time, if there are distractions and crises, don’t blame your moon.

Later sign 20-19 degrees, have an interesting trek through August. The full moon on the 13th brings all issues out in the open, and the confusion you may experience-the week of the 8th, blame it on Neptune opposing Mercury exactly where your big hearted Leo moon lies.


Late August will find many with early sign Virgo moons, contented–blissful  for once. The new moon of the 28th might bring up some sensitive issues, however, the  last four days are especially in your favor  harmoniously placed with Jupiter and Pluto. Lucky you.

Mid sign of Virgo receives a nice wand of encouragement from the July eclipse and the Mars aspect mid August, rather supportive for your plans I would say.

Later Virgo moons felt the impact of the Gemini eclipses very early in the month, all that tension will give way soon to other issues that have nothing o do with your moon. The Saturn Mars square has to fight in the big Leo ring for all to see this month. The third week carries a lot of the drama. Try to stay away from that iphone, it only aggravates your mental nervousness. Yours is a moon that likes comfort in its surroundings, this isn’t it.


If your moon is early in Libra then you’ve already experienced some of the setbacks and even sorrow that Saturn on the moon can bring. Now it’s just 2 other planetary bullies pounding away at your innate desire for peace and harmony.

Mid sign degrees, 10-20, well, how to make this sound easier than it is. Here’ s where you need to call upon any and all inner resources to handle the conflicting elements between Saturn and Mars. Stay away from the ledge.

Later sign Libra moons have it a little easier and can thank the later Leonine energies for this, peace and love, for a the time being anyway.


Earlier Scorpio moons are receiving help from 2 sources, awareness and  enlightenment can be yours — now.

Mid sign Scorpio moons, 10-20 degrees, are experiencing a slight irritation, but because of their intense feeling nature, it becomes a bigger item than it needs to be.

Later, 20-29 degrees of Scorpio moon s will feel the impact of the full moon energy, around the 13th, it will be a bit over the top in the drama department, make-up, costumes, all will help. You may wonder later why you took yourself so seriously.


The earnest truth seeking little archer will love himself very early in the month with Venus and Mercury illuminating his orb, for a minute, and then his moment will abate.  Late in August  the new moon in Virgo,  square to Neptune and Chiron, will catch him-her, up in a web of fishnetting from which he will have to emotionally untangle his  little hooves.

Mid Sagittarius moons will have support from Saturn all month long, after all, sometimes he’s very helpful, and along with some  cheerful aspects from the Sun and Venus, things should hold steady for a minute.

Later, 20-29 degrees of Sag moons have had their share of emotional trauma, feelings of abandonment, originating with mother issues no doubt, not being the least of these. It’s been rough, but the head of the dragon, is cruising further south into your moon sign, and I am hoping therapy paid off for some of you. Meanwhile glimpses of happiness are peeking through this cloud during August and heck you may even enjoy the rest of the summer.


Mid sign Capricorn moons know trouble when they see it, so the all points bulletin for August will not go unheeded. The bullies Mars and Saturn are throwing rocks on your roof, right now. Wrap yourself up safely and duck.

Later in the sign Capricorn moons have been orbiting freely, without too much trauma.

We’ll talk to you next month about more serious matters, meanwhile, you can be on recess like the House.


Early Aquarian moons, will feel the pull of the Leo planets, charging up their cool mental vibe, and the Saturn connection will help with all those ambitious out there  in the sky projects. Whatever will they think of next? Wasn’t electricity and the internet good enough?

Mid Aquarian moons, 10-20 degrees, will feel the full impact of the Venus, Sun, and Mercury in Leo party going on, they can’t deny it, Thy will be revved up as well, and the full moon will ignite the action. There is a lot of social activity going on and you’re right in the middle, as usual. And thank heaven for Saturn bringing some levity and stability to all that overactive cerebellum.

Later Aquarian moons, 20-29 degrees, have recently recovered from the trident of Neptune grazing over it’s brainy self, and  may feel that little bit of haziness reappearing, for a short time, what’s going on you ask? Why are things so confusing around the 7-10th? It’s Mercury and Neptune opposing each other on top of your moon, it will pass soon, Try to stand back and know your clear head will return soon.


Ah, the early Pisces moon, We have to talk, it’s all about the two life changers uniting on your early water moon degrees, to dramatically disrupt and deepen, your emotions  and life. It’s not a slight happening, but rather a time you will remember many years hence.

Therapy can help.

Mid Pisces moons, 10-20 degrees, have the July one eclipse to thank, what for some, will be an amazing turn of events, especially around August 17th.  Jupiter helps out although the slight impediment from Saturn may dampen the thrill,  but it’s probably a good idea to ask practical questions anyway.

Later Pisces moons, 20-29, are floating along in the big ocean of feelings. Having dealt with the insults from the demon nodes for several months  and now some relief comes in,. Only in  the very first couple of days of August does Mars bring aggravation and after that, only  minor  episodes from the Leo party group, but nothing too serious right now.




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