App Developers: Why They Make a Difference


A while ago I thought about developing my own educational app. I wrote a business plan, drew numerous illustrations and floated my app idea around. In the end, I decided against it.

Why? Because the educational app space is constantly changing. I also took a look at app developers out there and realized that developing one app wasn’t enough. I would quickly have to create a second or even a third app to be credible. I did a scan of the apps that I have purchased and realized I prefer a small number of app developers who have created more than one educational app. Below are four of the ones that I like and why.

1. Duck Duck Moose 

They have produced numerous award winning apps and they use social media (Facebook and Twitter) a lot. For me this is important because it means that they are engaging with the users of their apps. The more feedback app developers receive the better educational apps they can make. I also can’t wait to try out their new Superhero app.

2. Toca Boca 

Their games tend to be more about creative play. They have worked with people such as a Daniel Danahoo, who writes on Huffington Post about apps, to help ensure their apps creatively engage preschoolers/toddlers. My oldest really likes Toca Hair Salon and Paint My Wings.

3. Spinlight

Spinlight offers their apps on other tablet platform such as the nook. This is significant because while the iPad is the most dominant tablet for now, it’s not the only one. I appreciate that Spinlight is reaching out to all tablet users. Plus I like TallyTots and AlphaTots.

4. Peapod Labs

Peapod Labs offers a nice variety of general learning educational apps including Bugsy Kindergarten Reading and Bugsy Kindergarten Math. The Bugsy character is used in both their reading and math app. My kids find this helpful because they are already familiar with the character. (They could do more social media, though!)

Another interesting tidbit to note is that all of the above companies have received awards for, at least, one of their educational apps. As a parent, it’s an additional peace of mind as it means that the company has been publicly recognized and is committed to developing high quality apps.

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