Popular French Baby Names

Along with the stunning Eiffel Tower and Arch de Triumph, France has something else that sets it apart from others — a distinctive assortment of baby names. While some names popular in this country are similar to American baby name choices, others are highly distinctive and offer parents with an affinity for France an enticingly uncommon baby name option.


Emma has proved a popular name choice in America in recent years, but this name has French roots. This name has long been a classic French baby name choice, along with the related Emilie.


Many French parents choose Enzo as a name for their baby boy. This name, which may sound Spanish, is originally French and has long been popular in the country.


Jade is a common female baby name choice in France. This name comes from the gem, making it an apt choice for parents naming their irreplaceable and special baby girl.


Manon is a popular girl’s name in France. This name comes from the longer French name Madeline which also proves popular in the United States.


Also popular in the United States, the name Lucas is a common favorite among French parents. This name is most often spelled with the traditional C in France, but is sometimes found with a K center, Lukas. Commonly this spelling change also indicates a pronunciation change. When the K spelling is used, the name is pronounced with a long A.


The name Matheo, and the connected Matteo, both prove popular in France. This name, related to the common American name Matt, is used nearly exclusively for the naming of male children.


Camille is a classic name of Latin origin that is highly popular in France. This name, which is related to the name Camilla, means, “altar server.”



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