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Yard Work and Treasures

Since fall will be here soon and the kids are already trying to pull out the Halloween decorations to set up in the front yard, I decided to spend a little time and work in the yard.  I mean how festive will our pumpkin be if you can’t see it over the grass!  I love doing yard work because you immediately see results.  It is not like doing the laundry where you feel like you never see results because there is always more!  What I don’t like is spending two hours and a letting a few bad words slip trying to get the lawn mower to start.  I finally borrowed the neighbors.  Right as I get it going I hear the rumble of thunder.  Have you ever seen someone running with a lawn mower?  I do a speed cutting, missing a few places, leaving the yard looking like maybe I was trying to make symbols like they found in those crops.  I run to the backyard to try and get that done.  I admit it has been awhile and the grass was a little high in the backyard, but I had no idea what it was hiding.  Here is a list of what I found:
a remote control
my other black heel that I spent 2 hours looking for on Sunday
7 socks (none of which matched)
a shovel
a power ranger costume
3 naked Barbie’s
 my Crock Pot filled with mud and with my Begonia plant that mysteriously disappeared.
I cut the grass and carried all the treasures inside just as the rain came pouring down.
I walk in the house dirty, sweaty, and a little miffed at what the kids have put in the backyard.  I walk in with the socks thrown over my shoulder, one heel on one foot, a flip-flop on the other, the remote control in my mouth, and the naked Barbie’s wrapped in the power ranger costume under my arm, and I am carrying my mud filled crock pot complete with the begonia that I bought specifically for a flower pot for the front porch into the house.  As I walk in, Finn’s little face lights up and he looks at me with his big blue eyes and says “Mommy, me and Elle made that flower garden in your favorite pot just for you because you are my bestest mommy in the world” and he runs and wraps his little arms around me.  People that come to my house probably can’t figure out why I have a Crock Pot on my front porch filled with mud and a begonia.  Little do they know
what a treasure I found when cutting the grass one day.

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