Sweet Spider Craft Project
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Sweet Spider Craft Project

Sweet Spiders are a fun decoration for the fall months and for Halloween!

More cute than scary, these little guys look great hanging all over the house and are a perfect project for young children.


  • Air hardening clay
  • Assorted pipe cleaners
  • Black beads
  • Glitter
  • Permanent marker

spider 1

(Got everything?)


Mix sparkly glitter with your air hardening clay and form assorted round shapes:

spider 2

(Create one ball shape for each spider you wish to make.)

Bend all of your pipe cleaners in half to make leg shapes. Stick 8 pipe cleaner ‘legs’ into each ball of clay to form spiders.

spider 3

(Spider legs!)

Insert two black beads into the clay body of each spider for eyes.

After your clay spider bodies have dried, about 24 hours, draw some mouths on your creatures with a permanent marker.

Display your sweet spiders all over the house and enjoy! Some unique spots to try are on window screens, hanging from a flower vase, or in the kitchen sink for a real spooky scare!

spider 5

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