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Schools for Kids With ADHD

Many children who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder find it difficult to stay focused in school. Depending upon the severity of your child’s ADHD, he may even require a specialized school environment. If you are trying to choose the right course of action for your ADHD child, consider the impact that schools specifically for ADHD sufferers could have on your child’s education, and determine if this course of action would be beneficial for your child.

ADHD Impact

While ADHD can present a problem around the home, it is usually most problematic in the school setting. Much of what children are asked to do in school requires them to sit quietly or to focus. For children with ADHD, these seemingly simple requests are far from easy. Many children with ADHD struggle to learn content knowledge, because they lack the ability to focus on lessons. They may also commonly receive bad grades because they fail to complete or turn in assignments as a result of their lack of focus.

Benefits of General Education School

Although schools specifically for children with ADHD are available, many parents elect instead to send their ADHD sufferers to a general education school. By doing this, parents can ensure that their already distractible child is not surrounded by other children who lack focus. In some cases, the presence of attentive students can serve as a model for the ADHD child, increasing the likelihood that he stays on task and attentive. If, however, the child’s behavior makes him a nuisance in the classroom and a distraction to others, the general education classroom may not be the place for him.

Least Restrictive Environment

If your child suffers from ADHD, the school he attends is legally obligated to put him into the least restrictive environment (LRE). This environment is different for every child, but it should be the environment that is as similar to the general education classroom as possible. This means that, if you want your child educated in the general education setting, you are likely entitled to have him placed in this setting. The only way your child’s school can insist that he be placed in a specialized classroom, or school as a whole, is if they can prove that he can’t be educated in the general setting.

Benefits of ADHD Specialty School

Just as there are benefits to having your child educated in the general education setting, there are benefits to having him placed in a specialized school as well. Schools that specialize in ADHD are often better equipped to handle children who present a severe behavioral challenge. They are also commonly filled with staff who have more training in the specifics of ADHD, making it easier for them to deal with your particularly challenging child. By selecting a school of this nature, you ensure that your child is educated by individuals who truly understand ADHD and what the disorder entails.

Making the Right Choice

As the parent, it is up to you to select the best school for your child. To ensure that you make the right choice, explore all of your options carefully. Don’t attempt to hide the severity of your child’s ADHD. Instead, be open and upfront with the school. By sharing the specifics of your child’s challenges, you can more effectively determine whether the school you are considering is equipped to give your child the attention he needs.

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