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American Baby Names for Girls

While many Americans use names for their children that originate somewhere else, some are as specifically American as your child. When selecting a name for your new baby girl, consider an American option. These native titles carry just as much symbolic meaning as names from other countries, allowing you to select a powerful name that carries a deeper meaning for your baby.


The name Bria is an increasingly popular American baby name choice. This name means, “noble, strong and virtuous,” making it a wise choice for parents who hope that their child lives a life full of honor and strength.


This uncommonly spelled name is pronounced the same as the U.S. state of Georgia, but it has an earthier connotation. This name comes from a native American word meaning, “farmer and earth woman,” making it a wonderful option for parents who feel connected to the natural realm.


Cantrice is a feminine name option for parents who seek something different from the norm. If you hope that your child possess great vocal abilities, you may want to select this name as it means, “singer.”


Sloan is a strong-sounding American girl name. This name has grown in popularity as it has been featured in a number of pop culture classics, including the film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” This name not only sounds forceful, but it also has a connection to strengthen, as it means, “fighter.”


Nallely is an uncommon, lilting American baby name choice. If you, like most parents, realize from the moment you see your tiny daughter that she holds the key to your heart, you may want to select this name, as it means, “I love you.”


If you seek a religious name that is not fresh from the Bible, consider the American name Zacari. This name means, “the Lord remembers.”


You likely hope that your little girl garners the admiration of many through beauty and good deeds. Make this desire known by selecting the name Myranda, which means, “she who must be admired.”


Pick a title that reflects the birth day itself, such as Tenisha. This name means, “born on Monday,” making it ideal for children born on this day.

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