Three Technology Resolutions for 2013
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Three Technology Resolutions for 2013

I’ll be honest and come out (Not like Jodie Foster mind you…) and say it – I’m horrible at New Year resolutions. I fall off the wagon about 10 minutes in; however maybe this year will be better. My main goal in 2013 is to be more organized, particularly around my finances and technology-related information such as pictures and apps.

Below are some tips and tricks to help keep my 2013 New Year resolutions.

1. Organize apps by action instead of the category.

I found this trick on a Lifehacker blog post. It’s a neat idea. I always think about the category first so I will be creating app folders for activities such as play, learn, and share for my numerous apps.

2.  Upload electronic photos within 24 hours.

I take lots of pictures on my smartphone or tablet and then they sit there. I often forget where I was or what day the activity occurred on. If you are on FB create an album and upload your photos. Another option is an app called the Infinite Refrigerator for the iPad. It’s an app which allows you to post your photos on a coloured fridge. You can even date the photo and add an audio file about the photo. It’s fun.

It’s also a great way for your kids to participate in reviewing their activities and helps them to learn about organization. Or you can go old skool like my brother-in-law – print out your photos and place them in a photo album. Doesn’t matter what you do as long as you have organized them! 🙂

3. Monitor finances weekly.

I tend to get a receipt from a store and instantly stuff it into my small wallet where it gets crumpled. I came across a product called NeatDesk which I’m currently testing. It’s a mini scanner for cards, receipts and documents. You scan your receipts and then they are uploaded into the cloud where they are stored. Once you have scanned your receipts, you can generate reports about your financial activities. (It’s basically a digital filing system.) I’m going to try it for a month to see how I like it and whether is makes a difference. I’ll keep you posted (Ha, ha!).

So there are my three tips and tricks for staying on track in 2013. Would love to know what your New Year’s resolutions are. Let me know at or on Twitter @weebootMom.

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