5 Ways to Wear a Scarf
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5 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Every girl has a closet or drawer dedicated to her favorite accessories – from earrings and bracelets to belts and scarves.

Scarves are particularly versatile accessories and can be worn in various ways during all seasons.  Plus, scarves can make an outfit when you need to look pulled together in a hurry.

If you have a scarf collection, you may not be wearing them as much as you can. Knowing the different ways to wear various types of scarves is key to making this accessory work every day.

Experiment with these five different ways of wearing scarves to add a pop of color or extra layer to any outfit:

1. During the spring and summer, tie a thin, square scarf in a French twist to add a level of chicness to your clothes. First, fold the scarf a few times to make it thin and narrow. Then, loop it around your neck and tie a knot to the side. If the scarf is extra long, loop it around your neck twice, tying it at the front and pulling the knot to one side. You can wear a scarf like this with either a casual outfit or even a dressy one.

2. European loops are the preferred scarf style for thick scarves worn during cold weather. It’s as easy as can be to tie, it lets the scarf hang down long and it effectively covers up your neck and throat. Start by folding a long, narrow scarf in half. Then, loop it around your neck, tucking the end into the loop that’s formed at the fold. Pull the ends tight to make the neck snug or pull the knot down to loosen it up.

3. If you have a square scarf, you can use it as a kind of necklace or an accent to your top. This works best with scarves that have a bit of weight but that aren’t as thick as a warm weather scarf. You want it to hang down with a little weight without being too warm to keep on for the whole day. Fold the scarf in half to make a triangle and then tie the ends behind your neck. Let the third corner hang straight down or pull it to one side.

4. If your scarf is big enough and it’s not at all see-through, you can tie it to wear as a shirt. Wear it alone if the weather’s warm or underneath a cardigan if it’s chilly out. To start, open the scarf up all the way. Take one straight side and place it between your neck and your chest. Then, wrap it around the back of your neck, tying it at the back to create a halter top. Next, wrap the bottom part of the scarf around your waist and tie it at the back.

5. If you’re having a bad hair day, you can use your scarf as headwear. Either purchase a head scarf or take a regular square scarf. Fold the scarf in half to create a triangle. Then, place one straight side on your forehead. Take the two ends and tie them around the back or your head, over your hair, or at your neck, underneath your hair. If you only have long, thing scarves, you can wrap one around your head like a headband, tying it at the nape of your neck and letting the long ends hang lose. Using scarves as headwear is a great look during the summertime when you need a quick fix for messy beach hair.

What’s the most creative way you’ve worn a scarf?

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