Get Your Kids Out of Summer Mode and Back Into School Mode
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Get Your Kids Out of Summer Mode and Back Into School Mode

This is a problem every household with school aged kids faces. How to get the kids back in the swing of things! The easiest way to get them on a school schedule is to start to establish routines that parallel the school year NOW. Here are some ideas to help you get them back on track.

Earlier Bed Time and Wake Up Time

Have them go to bed earlier, around the same time they would if they were going to school the next day. If your kids are late risers, start getting them up earlier and earlier until they get up at the time they normally would on a school day.

Adjust Meal Times

Make the evening meal the same time you would if they were in school. Have lunch at the same time they would in school so they are not starving the first week of school waiting for lunch. Have a snack time that coincides with the time they will get home from school.

Limit TV and Computer Time

Limit TV, computer and electronic time and up the family time for the rest of the summer. They will not go into withdrawal when classes start if they have limited access to their electronics now.

Introduce A Quiet Time

If you want your kids to have a study and homework time built in to their day when school starts, instill a quiet time now. That can be the time they read or journal about their summer, or play quietly.

Be Flexible

Let your kids know that the rules are changing and why, but don’t forget that summer is supposed to be a down time for them, so have some flexibility if a fun opportunity arises that will keep then up past the new bed time or slightly alter the other changes you have instilled.

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