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Angie Everhart Dishes About Pregnancy And Her Fear of Santa Claus

We caught up with Angie Everhart, 39-year old model and actress, after her photo shoot for a new Palmer’s Cocoa Butter campaign. She is expecting her first child in just 6 days. More accurately, she will have her baby in 6 days. Her C-section is scheduled on Wednesday, July 29th (her lower back is “trashed” from the residual effects of a broken back at 19 so she doesn’t have a choice). Although she won’t reveal the name of the baby’s father (she plans on raising the baby by herself) she did share some other great nuggets with Modern Mom.

MM: Have you picked a name for your baby?

AE: Kayden Bobby Everhart. My mom’s first name and my middle name is Kay. It is a good Irish name for a good Irish family.

MM: What is your favorite pregnancy book?

Honestly, I really have not read pregnancy books because they talk about horrible scenarios from autism to colicky babies. My mom started reading me an article on colic and I said ‘I’m not going to have one of those babies.’ I’m going for positive thinking. I did look at websites for the development of the fetus. I’d say to my friends ‘hey, I’m growing a lung.’

MM: Fav pregnancy food?

Egg salad. I would have killed for egg salad. But I ate so much of it that even the thought of it right now grosses me out. I’m in a pancake phase now. I can only eat bland food. Tums are my best friend. I’ve had heartburn, but besides this no other issues.

MM: Did you have any hormone raging crazy moments? What happened?

I’ve never been grossed out by things but now everything grosses me out – smells, food, conversations. (note: we tried to get a little more on what type of ‘conversations’ but she didn’t divulge…) My girlfriend was clipping her nails the other day and it grossed me out. I’ve always been a tom boy but now I’m turning into a real girl.

MM: Biggest fear about giving birth?

I’m worried that something will go terribly wrong with the C-Section and I’ll die! At least I can go
do my hair and nails before I go to the hospital.

MM: What are you looking forward to most about becoming a mom?

Meeting my son. I can’t wait to see his face. People keep asking me do you think you are having a red head. I can’t even picture what he will look like. I just want to meet him.

Also, I am really looking forward to all his FIRSTS. One of my greatest pleasures in life has been taking my parents to all the places that I love. Before my grandmother died I sent her a postcard from every location I went to. I am excited to see the world through my son’s eyes.  
I never liked Christmas, but I’m excited for it now. I wonder if he’ll be as afraid of Santa Claus like I was when I was younger. My mother said that he was the only man I’ve ever been afraid of.

MM: What are you doing to take care of yourself?

I’ve been listening to what my body wants. If I feel like sleeping I sleep. [Angie got a bit distracted as she had a major contraction…]

MM: Any pregnancy tips for other moms-to-be?

Yes! Avoid getting stretch marks by using cocoa butter is what my mother told me. I went to the pharmacy and came across a bottle of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Cream for Stretch Marks. I use it every morning and night and so far I have no stretch marks – knock on wood.

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