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How to Buy Clothes For School: Hot Clothes, Cool Price

Hey Moms! It’s back to school! Time to hit the stores and get that new fall wardrobe your kids have been waiting for. It’s shopping at it’s best. In and out of the stores with your kids trailing behind you.  Sound like fun?  It might be for a while, but shopping for back to school can also be a stressful time for parents. 

How can you buy a new wardrobe without hitting your wallet too hard? Kids grow fast and for some parents, just the thought of shopping for your child’s new wardrobe that she will soon grow out of can be a headache in itself. The preparation is intense and the thought of spending a lot of money is tough in this economy. With growing kids (and families), careful planning and smart shopping can make a huge difference.

Discount stores and sales are a must for moms and dads! Watch TV commercials. Look for ads in the newspaper. See what’s being talked about on your favorite websites. Stores want your business and they are trying to give you all the best reasons to come in and shop. Listen to the ads and take advantage of extra savings and sales. Your kids know what is in style and they want the newest and the latest in fashion.
Before you hit the stores, take inventory of your kids’ clothes. Take a look at what is in your kid’s closet right now and see what you can buy to enhance their look and keep them stylish.  You will be surprised at how much your kids have grown over the summer and how much you will need to add to their wardrobe.  Get the “in look” on a budget and even though what you were “certain” would fit, you might be surprised and need more than you think. The bottom line is you will be in the stores shopping so shop smart.

Take an afternoon and make it a fashion show. Boys don’t enjoy this as much as girls, but kids need to take the time to try on what they already have in their closet and pair it with what you have just purchased so you know exactly what you have to choose from. Make it fun – turn on music, have your child strut his or her stuff, dance around, whatever works to keep your child’s interest!
Think it out.  Since you already have inventoried the closet, think about what was there.  Do they have a lot of white t-shirts?  Grab some new blues and reds to spice it up.  Adding a touch of color will be good for a new look. An added benefit of buying colorful t-shirts over white is that they stay cleaner.  Less staining is a good thing, right?

Write it down. Keep your notes in your purse so when you’re shopping you can remember which child needs what. Moms are busy and we can’t remember everything, right?


“With a focus on updating the basics for their child at an off-price retailer like T.J. Maxx, parents are able to give their children the trends they crave in pieces that will last all year long,” T.J. Maxx Style expert, Sonya Cosentini.

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