Important Things to Do Before Having Your Baby
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Important Things to Do Before Having Your Baby

The birth of a child is an exciting and highly anticipated time for new parents. Before the big day arrives, several important tasks should be considered. By handling these tasks before the birth of your baby, you can enjoy the birth and the time with your newborn. The hormones of pregnancy combined with the excitement of the impending birth may cause you to overlook these important tasks.

Verify Insurance

Verify the level of coverage offered by your health insurance. Make sure you understand your responsibility for the hospital bills. Thoroughly understanding your coverage will save you an unpleasant surprise once your baby is born. Don’t forget to ask about the process for adding your new baby to the health insurance policy once he is born.

Financial and Legal Affairs

No one wants to consider the possibility of something going wrong during the birth of a child. While childbirth is much safer today, difficulties can arise. It is important to have legal and financial affairs in order prior to the birth of a child. A living will lays out your wishes should extreme medical measures be necessary. Discuss your wishes and other legal and financial issues with your partner before the birth.

Prepare the Nursery

Preparing the nursery before the baby arrives will prevent a lot of stress. You can take your time to make sure the nursery turns out as you want. The fun of preparing the nursery can also alleviate any anxiety that may arise during your pregnancy.

Pack a Bag

Pack a bag for the hospital well ahead of time in case the baby decides to make her appearance early. The hospital will provide any immediate needs, but many new moms feel more comfortable knowing their own items are packed and ready for the birth.

Birth Plan

If you have a birth plan, finalize any last details. Be sure to discuss the birth plan with your doctor and your partner. This will increase the likelihood of the birth plan being followed.

Choose a Pediatrician

A baby will typically take her first trip to the doctor at two weeks. Some babies may be seen sooner if medical concerns arise after the birth. Take your time finding a pediatrician you trust. Start with recommendations from friends and family. Most pediatricians will take time to meet with new parents so you can get a feeling about the doctor before your baby is born. Finding a pediatrician before your child is born will alleviate potential stress.

Secure Daycare

Mothers who will be returning to work after the birth should secure a spot at a daycare long before the first contractions begin. High quality daycare centers often have a waiting list. The wait could be anywhere from several weeks to several months. Begin asking for recommendations and referrals early in your pregnancy. Visit several daycare providers to find one that you like.

Car Seat

A baby is not allowed to leave the hospital without a proper car seat. First time parents often find car seats challenging to install. Practice installing the car seat before the baby arrives. Car seat installation inspection clinics are often held free of charge. Take advantage of these clinics to ensure that the car seat is properly installed.

Research Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood banking is an option for parents. There are both public and private banking options, so if you are considering cord blood banking, you should research your options. Cord blood banking must take place at the time of birth, so this is a decision that must be made before your baby is born.

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