Short Hairstyles for Moms With Young Children
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Short Hairstyles for Moms With Young Children

You get a hug and look down to see snot on your shirt collar. You get a kiss and end up with sticky fingers caught in your hair. It’s hard to fix the snot problem (tuck tissues in your collar line?) but we can fix the hair issue. Short hair is modern, hip, trendy and can make you look younger and skinner. Plus you won’t need more than five minutes to fix your hair, but you’ll still look much more stylish than you do with a scraggly ponytail. Step up, Mom, and brave the scissors. You’ll be glad you did.

The Bob

The bob is a classic short cut, and a great transition for a Mom who’s had longer hair and is a little shy of chopping it all off. A simple short bob gives you a nice face-framing cut; hair falls to chin length, and it is parted on the side and styled with a round brush to sweep across the forehead and curl in slightly at the jawline. There are plenty of cut and style variations within the basic bob. A short bob with a fringe gives you swept-over bangs and is great for highlighting the eyes. A flipped-out bob is the same basic cut as a classic bob, but you use a round brush to flip the ends out rather than curl them under.

The Shag

Women with thin, fine hair, should style with a bit of hair product and using a round brush to flip those layers out will make your hair appear fuller. Shags can incorporate a fringe of bangs, can be parted on the side and swept over, and can be styled with curl or without.


This one is a little edgier; perfect for the hip mom who’s determined not to let babies and bottles and diapers eliminate her fashion sense. With an asymmetrical style, one side of the cut is longer than the other. It can be very dramatic or very subtle. You can also have a cut with both sides even but with bangs cut asymmetrically. It’s a flattering cut for the face and provides interest if you want to draw attention away from something else, say, a bit of baby bulge or a little mole on your chin.


A messy cut involves shorter hair, usually at the ears or above, cut in various layers and styled with a good bit of product to create a tousled look. This is probably the easiest short style to fix in the morning, as the final product is supposed to look imperfect. It’s trendy and edgy and fun, and it can be as wild or as tame as you want it to be. Messy cuts are great for matching your mood: when you’re feeling a bit more docile, tone it down by flipping out a few edges and letting the rest lay naturally. When you’re ready to kick things up, go all out with more product for an all-over “piecey-look” that says, “Hey, I may be a Mom but I’m still cool.” Wait. Is cool still a good word?

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