Healthy Recipes for Two
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Healthy Recipes for Two

Cooking for two often seems like an impossible task, but with a little bit of advanced planning and some basic recipe alterations, it can be done with very little effort. Cooking at home is more affordable and often healthier than eating out, and gives you the ability to customize your ingredients to your own tastes and dietary needs.

Altering Recipes for Two

Altering recipes that you have already tried for larger groups is a very easy way to create a healthy and tasty meal for two. Most recipes can easily be cut down to portions of two simply by halving the ingredients. It may take some experimentation, but you will quickly learn to adapt any recipe to your needs. Larger recipes, such as stuffed chicken breasts, can be made by cutting down the protein portion to two chicken breasts and only making enough filling for two chicken breasts. Simple fillings such as chopped artichoke hearts, sliced ham and cheese, or boxed stuffing make excellent quick filling ideas.

Freezing Leftovers

Cooking in large batches is not just useful for families. Extra portions can be frozen to save on preparation time in the future when you are cooking for two. Getting into the habit of freezing extra meal portions can save so much time on busy nights when you don’t want to cook. Spaghetti can be made in large batches and easily frozen into the correct portion sizes for two people. When you are ready to prepare a meal, thaw the spaghetti sauce overnight and boil on medium-low heat until heated through. Cook the amount of noodles that you need for a meal.

Creating Simple Meals

Simple meals consisting of a lean protein source and a few side dishes are very easy to create for two people. Baking two chicken breasts or pieces of fish takes very little time and there are limitless seasoning choices to change things up a bit. Easy sides such as frozen vegetables, mashed potatoes, or rice can be quickly made to supplement the main dish.

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