What to Wear to a Club
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What to Wear to a Club

What you should wear to a club depends greatly on why you are there. For example, you wouldn’t dress the same way for your best pal as you would when on the prowl for a date. Here are some tips for dressing for several different scenarios including man/woman-hunting, husband/wife-hunting,girls’ night out and boys’ night out.


“Man-hunting” or “woman-hunting” is when you go to a club specifically to find companionship. This type of clubbing requires you to boost your most sensual assets in a very visual way.
For women this can mean wearing an off-the-shoulder or low-cut top that reveals cleavage and a skin-tight pair of jeans. A popular choice of clubbing wear for this occasion is a low-cut spaghetti-strap top, tight jeans or short shorts and strappy high heels. Another popular choice is a dress designed specifically for clubwear. These dresses are usually halter-style or have spaghetti straps and cut-out backs with short hemlines.
Men can highlight their assets by wearing a tight T-shirt to show off muscles or butt-hugging jeans.


Husband/wife-hunting is different from man- or woman-hunting because you are specifically looking for someone who will respect you and be more to you than a physical diversion. This requires looking sexy, but with more coverage and class. A nice blouse that doesn’t show a lot of cleavage or a knee-length or mid-thigh dress is more appropriate for women. Pencil skirts and black jeans also work well. Make sure that you feel sexy in the outfit, but not slutty. A hint of skin is fine as long as it is only in one well-placed spot that highlights one of your best features. For example, if your asset is a well-toned back, choose a blouse with cut-outs in the back. Also, draw the attention to your face with some sparkly earrings or a scarf.
Guys can look like marriage material by wearing an ironed button-up shirt that is a color that highlights your eyes. Pair that with a pair of slacks and nice shoes and you’re set to find love.

Girls’/Boys’ Night Out

When you just want to go hang out with your friends, have drinks and dance, it is best to be comfortable. Girls can choose a favorite pair of jeans, the heels that your best friend loves and a cut T-shirt. Cut T-shirts are flirty and sexy but comfortable, so you will be able to dance and have fun without worry. If you’d rather not wear heels, opt for a fun pair of boots with a lower heel.
Guys are fine with their favorite T-shirt, a well-worn pair of jeans and a pair of running shoes. Make sure that the club allows shirts without collars before leaving home, though.

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