How Many Calories Does Sex Burn Off?
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How Many Calories Does Sex Burn Off?

You may have seen on “Oprah” or read in books like “The Ultimate Sex Diet” that having a great sex life can help you to lose weight. You may be wondering exactly how many calories sex can burn and how it matches up to your workout. Well, it depends on how long you have sex and what you do during the act.

General Calculations

According to “The Ultimate Sex Diet”, a half-hour of energetic sex can burn anywhere from 150 to 350 calories. Walking fast or jogging burns about the same amount of calories. The more actions you add to your sexual activities, the more calories you burn.


One of the ways you can increase the number of calories you burn is by kissing before and after sex. Kissing during sex is included in the average amount of calories burned during sex. If you weigh around 150 pounds and you kiss for 30 minutes, you can burn 36 calories. A 190-pound person can burn 46 calories every 30 minutes.


Adding lifting to your sex routine can add massive calorie burn to your 30 minutes. A 150-pound person can burn 211 calories in 30 minutes, according to the “Ultimate Sex Diet.” A 190-pound person can burn 259 calories in 30 minutes. Lifting your partner or your own body weight during sex can simulate the effects of weight-lifting.


Of course, nothing racks up calorie burn like extending your workout, and extending your lovemaking session to an hour can double the calories burned. An hour’s worth of sex can add up to 700 calories, or more if lifting and other strength activities are involved.


While these numbers sound too good to be true, remember that they are estimates. To get these types of numbers the sex must be at least somewhat energetic.

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