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Easy Hairstyles for Ethnic Hair

When styling hair, you must take the texture into consideration and vary your technique to achieve the same result. For example, African women’s coarse-textured hair lends itself to styles that highlight the curl and volume, and requires extra steps to achieve a smooth, straight look. Asian and Hispanic women also have different needs in styling their hair. Here are some techniques for easy hairstyles that capitalize on ethnic hair’s beauty.

Afro for African Hair

The Afro is a style created for an African hair, which is naturally kinky or curled. Start with clean dry hair when styling the Afro. Add some oil or hair moisturizer and gently massage through the hair. Use a pick to lift hair from the scalp. Starting with a small section of hair held up with one hand, with the pick in the other hand, work from the ends down to the scalp to achieve best results. After picking through the hair, gently pat it and shape it into a soft round silhouette.

Bouncy Wave for Asian Hair

Asian hair is generally flat and straight. Some Asians have fine hair, also. To add volume and a nice lift, give it a wavy hairstyle. Wash and dry your hair, and then add mousse all over. Then, tie up the hair in a loose bun and blow-dry it until it is half-way dry. Loosen the hair and let it down. Then, scrunch the hair and apply hairspray. You will have a bouncy wave. To keep this hairstyle all-day long, use a round thermal brush when fixing your hair.

Straight Hairstyle for Hispanic Hair

Many Hispanic women have curly or wavy hair. Give it a straight hairstyle for a different appearance. Wash your hair thoroughly and apply a dollop of leave-in conditioner, massaging through the scalp. Then, blow-dry your hair using cold or low-heat. Once dry, apply a straightening serum, and then use a fine-tooth comb to part your hair in sections. Use a flat-iron to straighten each section of hair in a downward motion. To achieve best results, wait for about 30 seconds before moving on to the next section.

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