Gender Neutral Baby Room Ideas
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Gender Neutral Baby Room Ideas

A gender neutral baby room is ideal for parents who wait to discover the gender of the baby. Gender neutral baby room decor is also beneficial for parents who plan to have more children. The decor can easily be used for future children regardless of gender. Gender neutral baby rooms can be just as adorable as a room based on a gender theme. Small gender specific touches can be added to personalize the theme.


Animals are a popular theme for baby bedding sets. Most animal themed decor comes in gender neutral colors such as tans, greens and yellows. Popular animal themes for baby rooms are jungle animals, ducks, turtles, lambs, bunnies and birds. Many coordinating accessories are available for animal themed nurseries. Framed animal prints provide matching wall decor. A mural of animals or a tree on the wall will add interest to the room. Paw prints painted on the wall and furniture in the room offer a fun touch. Drawer pulls with an animal theme can incorporate the theme into the furniture.


An ABC themed baby room works well for either a boy or a girl. Carefully remove the pictures from an alphabet book and frame them to hang on the wall. Wooden alphabet blocks can be used to spell out words on a shelf. Paint the room in primary colors. Stencil the alphabet along the top of the wall as a border. Paint the ceiling light blue to represent the sky. Using white paint, create clouds on the sky ceiling in the shape of letters.

Nursery Rhymes

Many nursery rhymes are fitting as a baby room theme. Choose a few nursery rhymes to represent in the decor of the room. Paint a mural from your favorite nursery rhyme on one of the walls. Stencil the words to a few nursery rhymes on the wall or on a dresser. Frame pages from a nursery rhyme book as wall decorations.


Baby bedding with a music theme may not be as readily available as other themes. Wall decor with a music theme paired with a solid bedding set is another option. Use brightly colored picture frames to mount sheet music for popular childhood songs. Paint a music staff on the walls around the room. Add musical notes to the staff. Pictures of musical instruments may be framed or painted on the walls of the room. Sheet music can be decoupaged onto lamp shades or furniture.


A beach theme can be fun and relaxing for a gender neutral baby room. Paint the walls either blue to represent water or tan to represent sand. Paint sea shells, starfish or other sea life on the walls. Hang a decorative fishing net on the wall with some sea shells hanging in it. Real sea shells add interest to shelves or dressers. Smaller shells can be attached to lamps or picture frames. Ocean or beach photos can be framed for additional wall decorations.


A bug theme works equally well for boys or girls. Many cute bug themed baby bedding sets are available to create the theme. A mural with large grass blades and various bugs can incorporate the bugs on the walls. A dotted line painted behind the bugs can indicate their paths. The walls and furniture can be painted with a bug theme. A red background with black spots to represent ladybugs or yellow and black stripes to represent bees will add interest to walls or furniture. Take photos of real bugs to frame as wall art. A butterfly net or a pair of binoculars can dress up a shelf in a bug themed room.

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