10 Celebrity Dieting Tips
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10 Celebrity Dieting Tips

Celebrities are notorious for trying the latest diets and nutrition fads. They are also quick to publicize their get-thin-quick schemes, which many people are eager to copy. After all, if you want to rock the red carpet like Halle Berry or light up the catwalk like Jaslene Gonzales, what better way than to emulate their eating and fitness habits? Just remember singer Wynonna Judd’s advice to celebrate and appreciate your body no matter what its size.

No Alcohol

Banning the carbohydrate-heavy empty calories of alcoholic drinks is one of Jennifer Lopez’s top weight management strategies. She also maintains an intensive workout regime with cardiovascular exercise as well as body sculpting.


Angelina Jolie’s top dieting method is to drink plenty of purified, unsweetened, uncarbonated water. She also favors lean fish and meats for her entrees.

No Junk Food

Christie Brinkley does not maintain her model-thin body magically. She has a strict rule of no junk food in the house, eliminating temptation. When the urge to snack hits, she chops up vegetables and roasts them with a bit of olive oil.


Ashley Judd keeps her great looks by eliminating animal products, including dairy, from her diet. She starts the day with a glass of hot water with a squeeze of lemon. Emily Deschanel, from television’s “Bones,” also follows a vegan diet.

Raw Food

Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore are among the celebrities who have tried the raw food diet, which limits consumption to raw foods. The diet is high in nutrition-rich fruits and vegetables, as well as uncooked nuts and seeds.


Fasting, detox and body cleanse diets are very popular among celebrities seeking a quick way to get their bodies ready for a movie role. Beyonce recently went on a fast of maple syrup, lemon juice, honey and copious amounts of water to quickly lose weight.

No Processed Food

Naomi Watts lost 50 pounds of post-pregnancy weight by cutting out processed foods, which are notorious for containing high quantities of sugar, sodium, trans fat, preservatives and chemicals. She turned to organic foods as a replacement.

Ancient Grains

Quinoa and amaranth are among the grains that many celebrities consume to replace white carbohydrates. These ancient grains are superfoods, packed with nutrients, fiber and protein. Stacy Keibler uses quinoa instead of pasta in her favorite dishes.

No Chocolate

Many celebrities, including Penelope Cruz, admit to being weak in the face of chocolate. To control her cravings, Cruz eats Larabars packed with fruits and nuts.

Meal Plans

Some celebrities find that the only way to control portion sizes and maintain a nutritious diet is to invest in a meal planning or delivery service. Jenny McCarthy did Weight Watchers, while Tori Spelling preferred NutriSystem.

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