5 Steps to Increasing Sperm Count
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5 Steps to Increasing Sperm Count

In most cases, a couple that is trying to get pregnant will conceive within a year. When you are dreaming in pink and blue, though, a year can seem like an eternity. One way to help speed things along is to make sure the male’s sperm count is up to par. For most fertile men, the following suggestions can boost sperm count and promote healthy sperm production.

Chill Out

When a man’s scrotal temperature rises, sperm production decreases. For this reason, encourage your partner to avoid hot tubs, saunas, tight briefs, and even long bike rides while you are trying to get pregnant. Instead, encourage him to wear roomy boxers, take cool showers and skip the steam room.

Kick the Habit

There are plenty of reasons why dads-to-be should give up their vices. Not only do smoking and drinking set unhealthy examples for children, but these habits can also interfere with sperm production. The occasional drink is okay, but tobacco in any form can reduce a man’s sperm count. Marijuana use can also adversely affect sperm production.

Scale Down

Excess body fat can interfere with the production of hormones which can, in turn, lead to lower sperm counts. Shedding those extra pounds can be a great way to promote healthy sperm production. As an added bonus, eating a balanced diet can also aid in the production of high quality sperm.

Watch the Clock

Studies suggest that a man’s sperm count is slightly higher in the morning. Whether this is because the body temperature is lower upon waking or because men are likely to be the most relaxed before they start their days, it is a great excuse to indulge in a rendezvous before breakfast with your man.

Take a Break

If baby-making has had you rolling in the hay three times a day every day of the week, it may be time for a break. When a man refrains from ejaculating for a day or two, his sperm has a chance to build up. If you know when you are going to ovulate, give your partner a break for a couple of days. Resume lovemaking two to three days before your expected ovulation date.

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