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Organic Infant Formula Reviews

Choosing which formula to feed your baby can be overwhelming. There are multiple choices and recipes and it’s hard to know which will be right for your baby. There are now also several organic formulas for parents who are looking for a more natural food choice for their little one. Check out these reviews of organic formulas.

Similac Organic

Similac is a well known and trusted name in formula. Their new version or Similar Organic is nutritionally equivalent to their Similac Advance (R) brand and is certified USDA organic. This certification ensures that the farms used to grow the food and the plants used to process the formula have met USDA organic standards. To be certified as USDA organic 95 percent of the ingredients by weight must be organic. Similac Organic is also considered kosher. It will cost you about $18 for a 12.7 ounce can of formula powder as of 2009.

Vermont Organics Organic Infant Formula

Available at retailers in New England and online, Vermont Organics Organic Infant Formula is also certified USDA organic. They use no additional growth hormones or antibiotics on their cows, and the cows are not exposed to harmful pesticides either. Their cows are also kept happy on organic feed and are given access to the outdoors. Vermont Organics offers two recipes that both include iron—milk organic formula and a soy organic formula. Both contain the lipids DHA and ARA (which are naturally found in breast milk and help infant brain and eye development) and are gluten free. The soy preparation is also lactose- and milk-free as well. Vermont Organics sells their organic infant formula for around $25 for a 27.75 ounce can of powdered formula as of 2009.

Baby’s Only Organic

Baby’s Only Organic formula is labeled as a toddler formula because they believe that breast milk is the best choice for baby for the first year of life. If you choose to use Baby’s Only Organic formula for your baby under 1 year of age, then ask your baby’s health care provider about specific instructions. Baby’s Only Organic formula is iron fortified and does not contain DHA and ADA because the company does not agree with the process in which these elements are manufactured. There are both milk-based and soy recipes—the milk based preparation is considered kosher while their soy recipe is kosher pareve. A new lactose-free recipe is also available. Baby’s Only Organic formula will cost about $10 for a 12.7 ounce can of powdered dairy formula as of 2009.

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