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Wrong Exercises During Pregnancy

When you find out you are pregnant it is easy to be overwhelmed by the laundry list of do’s and don’ts. An especially confusing area can be the right and wrong exercises to do during pregnancy. Most experts agree, unless you have a medical condition that excludes you from exercise, exercise during pregnancy is safe and effective. However, there are some exercises that are not suggested to do during pregnancy. Following is a discussion of the wrong exercises to do during pregnancy.

Types: Physical Contact

Exercises that have a high propensity for physical contact and subsequent injury are not recommended during pregnancy. Contact sports such as soccer, football and basketball can be dangerous for you and your baby. Your balance will be off, so your ability will most likely decrease. Add to that the risk of falling and injuring yourself or your baby, and you are sure to want to try something else for nine months. Try just shooting baskets, dribbling the soccer ball or tossing the football instead of playing a game to keep your skills sharp and your drive for sports alive.

Types: High Impact

Exercises that have high impact potential are definitely the wrong move during pregnancy. These include ice skating, water skiing and gymnastics or tumbling. Even if you are an expert in these exercises, the damage to your baby during a fall can be devastating. It is best to avoid them and wait until after your baby is born to resume these activities.

Types: Dangerous

The wrong type of exercise during pregnancy includes ones with a high danger factor. This may be exactly what attracted you to them pre-pregnancy, but you should avoid them now. Exercises like mountain biking, hiking, and climbing can be done but in a more moderate version. For instance, avoid mountain biking down treacherous paths, but you can continue to ride on flat surfaces. Hiking steep hills and canyons in desolate areas are not a good idea, but hiking in low lands with quick access to medical care if necessary is fine. Rock climbing is clearly out. How could you safely reach the rock face or wall with your belly protruding anyway?

Expert Insight

Your pregnant your body is hypersensitive to change. Listen to your body as to what “feels right” and you may naturally avoid the wrong exercises during pregnancy. Web MD also cautions against exercises during pregnancy that include:

Holding your breath during any activity.
Deep knee bends, full sit-ups, double leg raises and straight-leg toe touches.
Waist-twisting movements while standing.
Exercise in hot, humid weather.


Just because you’re pregnant does not mean all exercise should stop. Consider what you want to do and tone it down, or practice skills or a modified version to accommodate your condition. Staying fit while pregnant is valuable, but it must be done safely. Taking on a new sport when you have a low skill level is also not advisable. You may have always wanted to learn salsa, but being pregnant on a sprained ankle is no fun, so keep that in mind and find a safe exercise you can enjoy during your pregnancy, like walking.

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