Fun & Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy
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Fun & Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Many new parents look for fun and creative ways to announce the news of a pregnancy to family and friends. Email, the Internet and cell phones offer some interesting ways to share the special announcement. Follow these tips and suggestions to surprise and delight the people in your life.


Email may seem too impersonal a way to inform close relations, like the grandparents-to-be. Still, an email can serve to let aunts, uncles, cousins and friends in on your pregnancy news. A number of websites offer free or low-cost E-cards that you can send. For a cute twist, try asking recipients to update their contact list–with your family’s newest member.

Send an Evite

Sign up for an Internet Evite service and send your friends and relations an invitation to save the date: your due date.

Text a Message

If you can’t wait for a personal visit, send your close relatives a text message. Write the message as if it comes from your newest family member. For example: “Hi, Grandma and Grandpa: I’ll see you soon! Love, your newest grandchild.”

Create a Wish List

Use a shopping site like to set up a gift wish list filled with baby items: cribs, pacifiers, toys, etc. If the announcement falls near your birthday or another holiday, send a link to your list to your close friends and family. When they see the gifts you want, they’ll get the hint.

Start a Blog

Sign up for a free blog and make the first entry your pregnancy announcement. When friends and relatives ask what’s new, tell them you’re writing a blog and give them the URL.

Expand the Family Tree

Visit one of the many genealogy sites online and invest in creating your family tree. When you receive the results, create a new level beneath you and your partner. Fill in the new space with question marks or “Coming Soon” with the due date. You can send the revised family tree by email, or bring it with you when you share the news with your closest relatives.

Post a Video

Use a video camera (or cell phone with video capability) to film a short announcement. You can include a picture of the positive home pregnancy test or the baby’s first ultrasound if available. Post the video to YouTube or another video website. Then write an email asking family and friends to check out the crazy/funny/wonderful video without telling them the topic.

Save the Date at Work

If your company gives you access to co-workers’ calendars, you can share the news by blocking out time on your due date. Send a message letting your closest colleagues know you “expect” to be out of the office that day, for a very special reason. Make sure your message stays in line with company rules.

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