About Breast Exercises
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About Breast Exercises

If you’re looking for perkier, firmer breasts, you can get what you’re looking for without expensive surgery. Simple breast exercises can help lift, shape, firm and tone your breasts, making them appear smoother, rounder and more defined. Even if you have sagging breasts as a result of breastfeeding, you can regain some of the firmness and tone you used to have.


Although breast exercises are designed to enhance the breasts, the muscles they actually work are the pectoral muscles, which are the muscles that hold up the breast tissue. Many women are hesitant about working their pectoral muscles because they’re afraid that doing so will make their breasts smaller. Unless you are engaged in a weight loss program and all parts of your body are becoming smaller, this is unlikely to happen. Other women are afraid they’ll look like a professional bodybuilder if they work their pectoral muscles, but this is not the case. Since breast exercises use resistance and light weights, the muscles won’t be bulked up.


There are several breast exercises that work the pectoral muscles effectively. Some of these include the front palm press, an exercise that requires you to press the palms of your hands together in front of your chest. Once your palms are pressed together, hold the pose for seven seconds and release it. Repeat this exercise ten times. Another effective exercise is the dumbell press. Using three-pound dumbbells, lie back on a stability ball or weight bench. Hold the weights next to your chest, with your knuckles facing up. Extend your arms up until they are straight. Bring the weights together until they almost touch. Bring them back to chest level. Repeat this press ten times. Push-ups and modified push-ups are other exercises that are effective in enhancing the breasts.


The benefits of doing breast exercises aren’t limited to enhancing the breasts themselves. While doing them will firm, lift and tone your breasts, breast exercises will also increase blood circulation and strengthen and condition the pectoral muscles. Like all exercise, exercising the pectoral muscles will increase metabolism, improve posture and increase stamina for strength training exercises.

Time Frame

If you’re looking to really enhance your breasts, for the best results, do breast exercises twice per week, allowing a few days between each day of exercise. This will allow your muscles to rest. For each exercise, do three sets of ten repetitions.


To show off the work you’re doing on your breasts, always try to stand straight with your shoulders back. This will give you an automatic breast lift and enhance the work you’ve done. Wearing a supportive, well fitting bra will also help enhance your breasts and highlight their firmer, toned shape.

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