Best Facial Cleansers for Combination Skin
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Best Facial Cleansers for Combination Skin

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have clean, radiant and youthful-looking skin—regardless of skin type. Anyone with combination skin—a mix of oily, dry or normal skin, often with a t-zone that’s prone to acne—knows that finding the right cleanser is especially important.

Ahava Cleansing Cream

The appeal of this creamy, soapless cleanser–which comes from Israel–is that it won’t dry your skin. The cleanser has the ability to adjust to your skin’s pH level, making it ideal for people with true combination skin. Intended for daily use, it deeply cleanses to remove makeup and impurities, and it won’t clog pores. Ahava Cleansing Cream can be found online for $20 at sites including and

Dove Essential Nutrients Self-Foaming Cleanser

Packed with vitamins and moisturizers, this mild foaming cleanser also contains spring water and green tea extract. Deeply cleansing and non-drying, its rich foam removes makeup instantly and leaves skin feeling soft. Adding to the appeal is its gentle, pleasant scent. This product is readily found on drugstore shelves for less than $10.

FACE Stockholm Foaming Facial Cleanser

This popular, aloe-based foaming cleanser is full of natural ingredients, including yarrow, chamomile and fennel extracts. Touted for being tough on grime, it easily and thoroughly removes makeup and impurities without leaving skin oily or dry. You can find it on for $8.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Gentle, mild and effective, this cleanser–initially formulated for dermatologists–is a godsend for oily, dry and sensitive combination skin. Light on chemicals and perfumes, it doesn’t irritate the skin but completely cleans it without negative effects. In addition, it won’t exacerbate problems such as acne, eczema or rosacea, and it doesn’t strip skin of natural, protective oils. It can be purchased for about $8 at food and drugstores and mass retail clubs–as well as online.

Lancôme CRÈME Radiance Clarifying Cream-to-Foam Cleanser

This thick and creamy cleanser contains white lotus, an antioxidant, and soothing rose de France. It works best for combination skin that has a tendency to become oily. It penetrates pores to eliminate makeup. It also cleans the skin without drying it out, effortlessly removes waterproof makeup and leaves skin radiant. You’ll find it at major department stores, such as Bergdorf Goodman and Macy’s, for less than $30.

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